Press release of the AMANI Alliance pertaining to the security situation in Eastern Congo

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AllianceThe AMANI Alliance is a humanitarian organisation fostering peace and long lasting development in the African Great Lakes Region. It is made up of active members who are originally from Rwanda, Burundi and Congo, belonging to different communities and coming from all ethnic groups and tribes of various countries in the region. The creation of AMANI meets the expectations of both civilian and military men and women , humanitarian and political organizations longing for the re-establishment of Peace through a regional approach.


Concerned about the security situation in Eastern Congo, the AMANI Alliance would like to give thanks to the International Community for establishing the responsibility of Rwanda that is supporting this new rebellion which is rife in Northern-Kivu, and we also take into account the sanctions against the Kigali Government, while hoping that they will be followed by a resolution of the security council of an arm embargo against Rwanda, which always keeps on aggressing DRC since 1998 by subsequently changing henchman at the head of its various rebellions.


The Alliance AMANI calls upon the Kinshasa Government to use its power to re-establish order and public security in the provinces of Northern-Kivu, for the populations to live serenely.

We also call the attention of FARDC, MONUSCO and the Humanitarian Associations to work with the progressive forces of the Alliance AMANI in order to:


1 Set up a safe area and protected by the MONUSCO aiming at securing the population escaping the battles

2 Bring peace back in the east of RDC and create favorable conditions for sustainable development in the Great Lakes region.

3 Identify war criminals who are scattered in our region and bring them to court, starting with those mentioned in the reports of the groups of the United Nations experts.


Thus, we exhort the International Community, especially the Western powers and regional ones, to take appropriate measures to definitly resolve this security problem, which is of sub-regional political nature, and which directly involves Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.




Brussels-Belgium, August 1, 2012

The Coordination,

MUNYARUGURU Emmanuel, President



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