Press release: Gen. Kagame, source of misery home and abroad

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Seau RDIAs the International Community has now come up with a firm stand on Rwanda’s involvement in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s instability, the Rwandan Dream Initiative informs the general public what follows :


We wish to extend our sincere sympathies to the South and North Kivu populations whose loved ones have been killed while others have been forced to leave their homes;


We join the International Community in showing solidarity with the entire People of the Democratic Republic of Congo, victim of foreign-fomented attrocities;


We strongly condemn the personal role of General Paul Kagame of Rwanda whose army is responsible for fuelling rebellions in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 90’s;


We are thankful that donor countries (US, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden) have decided the suspension of their bilateral aid with Rwanda as the country’s leadership is being accused of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity in a neighbouring country. The main part of the aid is actually misused by General Kagame through acts of regional destabilization.


Considering home policy, the RDI believes General Kagame is driving Rwanda right to the precipice. The opposition, the civil society and the free press are non-existent in a country where Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) must rule unchallenged. Murder and jail have been « raised » into political system, while a great desal of citizens are forced to exile for their sake.


The RDI hopes it is time all countries, along with the United Nations and other international bodies, make sure General Kagame can no longer harm both the Peoples of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The recent trial and conviction of former Liberian president Charles Taylor for aiding and abetting attrocities in the neighbouring Sierra Leone should inspire the World Justice on the DRC case.



For the Rwandan Dream Initiative,

Ismaïl Mbonigaba

Commissionner for Information


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