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                           Faustin Twagiramungu alias Rukokoma


As a lecturer in the Machiavellian politics and a student of political science; the hypothesis of Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin in contemporary Rwandan politics has to be taken in the concept of knowledge, experience, political intrigue, and experience.

In the last few weeks Rwandans from different aspects have been writing, discussing and analysing the real essence of Mzee Twagiramungu’s psychic concept of inviting a rushed conference termed the campus conference or grand conference “Inama Kaminuza”. In the past weeks Rwandans have been shading tears with moral grief and disbelief as they watched the opposition parties disintegrate in a state of disunite, internal fighting and near collapse of some political parties.

As I always state in my articles, in a week a lot happens in the Rwandan politics; in the past week Rwandans have been listening with amusement the circus of Evode Uwizeyimana a man who once said that anyone who works with the RPF criminal regime must be brainless or his/her brain must be in the stomach; may be now Rwandans should consider this greedy man as being brainless if we are to consider what he used to preach.

This article will trying to conceptualise the master of the Rwandan politics; love him or hate him, Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin provides us with what to talk, what to analyse, what to study and for those in the education either as students or lecturers, Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin has been a case study to quote or use as a reference; ignore the Mzee at your own peril.

Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin, a master tactician like Jose Mourinho

Rwanda is a footballing nation though it wins nothing; to use Mourinho in this case study is to allow readers to understand to what length Mzee Twagiramungu can go in order to achieve his goals and aims. Like Mourinho, Twagiramungu studies his opponents with keen details; he will identify weak spots and study how to exploit those weak spots. 


          José Mourihno, Chelsea FC Manager

For those who have visited Mzee Twagiramungu or talked to him will attest that he is a great believer of Machiavellian politics; those close to him told Ikaze Iwacu that his study room is full of all kinds of political books, political testimonies from different writers, autobiography from different leaders and global individuals. Mzee Twagiramungu believes in the concept of knowledge and how to apply that knowledge in order to achieve a set out objective.

Mzee understands well the first trait of Machiavellian principle of which in order to understand the intelligence of an organization, you have to first look at the men that are in that organization. Mzee Twagiramungu as a master tactician knows all about opposition political parties, their internal wrangles, weaknesses, strength and their political strategies. 

In 2010 after Inter Milan dumping Barcelona on their way to the champions league final; Pep Guardiola lamented that Jose Mourinho’s inter Milan played dirty football and inter Milan parked their defense with a bus full of defenders. Jose Mourinho’s principle is to win at all cost; either through dirty football or pretty (sexy) football. This is the same principle that defines Mzee Twagiramungu; it doesn’t matter the way he wins the political games as long as he achieves his political goals or objectives.

In order to succeed as a manager in either football or an organization, an individual has to be shrewd, ruthless and with a keen eye to details. Jose Mourinho does not fear to offend fellow managers, referees and journalists; his entire digs at opponents aim at arousing his personality within his fans and the players or club that he is coaching. This is the same principle that applies to Mzee Twagiramungu; the Mzee does not fear to attack or offend anyone, but all his attack are aimed at personal franchisation towards political goals.

Mzee believes in a great Machiavellian principle which states that the best way to defend is to attack. Jose Mourinho enjoys establishing his mark and so is Mzee Twagiramungu; Mzee loves a show down and he does this in a smart way that allows him to move with the public opinion. Jose Mourinho gives those who love pub football what to talk; and for those who love pub politics, Mzee Twagiramungu provides Rwandans what to talk and discuss as they gallop their beers and vodka in pubs around the world.

For those who know marketing will understand that when customers start discussing of your organization that means that they are interested to learn more about the brand. Mzee Twagiramungu as a brand loves people to analyze and discuss about him; and this is different with other Rwandan politicians that love to sell air and once you question about their air (programs) they feel offended. 


Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin VS the young Turks

When RDI-Rwanda Rwiza was formed in 2010; Mzee Twagiramungu strategically surrounded himself with the youth. This was meant to send a signal to Rwandans that he is around and still relevant; during the period of 2009 Rwandans thought the Mzee was no longer interested in politics. But that was not the case, as Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin was back to the drawing board to strategize for his next moves.

In 2011 Mzee Twagiramungu came out to expel his young Turks that were composed of Patrick Ndengera, Evode Uwizeyimana and David Bugingo. The Mzee accused these folks for being bought by the RPF criminal regime; and time has shown that Mzee Twagiramungu was extremely right. As the ignorant 3 have shown how they love monetary value (money); even though it comes from the devil’s hand. 


Twagiramungu Faustin together with his former young turks, amoung others, Evode uwizeyimana and Patrick Ndengera

These young Turks were given a mission to destroy Mzee politically by creating the concept that he is a dictator who does not listen, accept advice or respect party structures. But Mzee as a master of politics was able to sense their traps and dangers; and he was able to survive the on slot from these RPF agents unscratched.

Mzee Twagiramungu a shrewd politician

As a master of public relationship (PR), Mzee Twagiramungu Faustin came out in 2011 to tell Rwandans and the international community that he was returning to Rwanda to participate in registering the party and participate in politics as a member of an opposition. As a master of PR Mzee Twagiramungu’s reason of coming out to announce that he was going back to Rwanda was aimed to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Mzee Twagiramungu wanted to initiate a debate among Rwandans and this debate would be around him and his RDI party; and he achieved these objectives as he got air time in different media outlets where he sold his ideas as the only credible opposition leader. 
  • Mzee Twagiramungu wanted to show Rwandans that he is capable to lose his life in the name of democracy. With this move Rwandans who had lost hope and had blamed him for working with the RPF regime started warming to him. 

After being denied a visa and a passport to go back to his own country, Mzee Twagiramungu retreated back to his drawing board to strategize his next move. Mzee Twagiramungu identified that all political parties in diaspora are moving and willing to work with FDLR; Mzee as a well-informed person came to know that there were secret negotiations taking place between FDLR and political parties in Diaspora like RNC and FDU. 

Mzee Twagiramungu decided to gate crush FDLR; as these political parties where still negotiating on certain aspects with FDLR, Mzee Twagiramungu came from nowhere to out manoeuvre these opposition political parties and signed a cooperation agreement with FDLR. As Mzee Twagiramungu came out drumming about FCLR-Ubumwe; political parties like RNC and FDU were left reeling as they were in the middle of negotiations with FDLR; Mzee Twagiramungu came from nowhere to steal the show. In politics it is calledpolitical ambush; and that is what the Mzee did.

Mzee Twagiramungu’s Tanzanian visit

After returning from Tanzania, a trip that should have been secret; Mzee Twagiramungu in a meeting in Lyon in front of RDI supporters, he was able to confirm that he was in Tanzania; something that was against the protocol brief by those that invited him. This visit was supposed to be a secret visit, but Mzee Twagiramungu mentioning about the trip as a tool of PR among the Rwandan audience especially those in Diaspora.

His message about his Tanzanian trip was not aimed at those RDI supporters, but the message was aimed to a greater Rwandan audience in diaspora. This message had a great effect in his popularity; his ratings among the Rwandans who want a quick return to Rwanda increased; Rwandans started flogging to his language and Mzee Twagiramungu was elevated as the messiah.

The list of political parties that were invited to grand Conference “Inama Kaminuza”

After realising that the public opinion was on his side; Mzee Twagiramungu decided to call an interparty conference that would be able to create an alternative leadership to that of the criminal RPF. The Mzee was able to draw a list of political parties that he wished to be invited; as a master of information he knows very well those parties that work with the RPF criminal organisation and these DMI parties were not invited. All Rwandans can still remember the noises raised by those parties that were not invited. 


http://ikazeiwacu.unblog.fr/files/2014/02/murayi-300x199-150x150.jpgAccording to reliable source coming from those close to Mzee Twagiramungu attest that Dr Paulin Murayi had a great input in the organising, formulating and deciding which political parties were to attend. As all Rwandans know; Mzee Twagiramungu would never invite Ishema party as he considers Padiri Thomas Nahimana as one of his former apprentice who understands and knows him very well. It is natural that an investigator does not like meeting another investigator especially if they have had a bad experience in their relations. 

As Machiavelli once said that “never allow your political opponents to read your mind.” Padiri Thomas Nahimana as a person who would read Mzee Twagiramungu’s mind; it was therefore necessary to exclude his political party at all cost. Mzee is a strategist who loves to trap but doesn’t want to be trapped; he forecasts dangers and eliminates danger before it reaches him. Those who worked with him in the 1990s can confirm to this theory; that Mzee has a way of dealing with challenges and challengers.

Mzee Twagiramungu; a master publicist

An interesting Danish political drama called the Borgen describes very well what Mzee Twagiramungu does now; it is a serialised drama that depicts how politics is a dirty game. It is not a game of the less fainted souls; to succeed in politics one has to use all the dirty tricks available; but not killings as criminal Kagame does.  


When you watch Borgen one may wonder if the drama was scripted or written by Mzee Twagiramungu; as Mzee believes that politics is a game that arouses the Darwin concept of survival of the fittest. (Please find yourself other parts of BORGEN on youtube).

To be a great publicist like Debi Mazar or Lewis Kay one must be able to turn a bad situation into an excellent one. In this department Mzee Twagiramungu excels; few months ago criminal Kagame handed Mzee Twagiramungu a gift and this gift was the Ndi Umunyarwanda racist project. Mzee Twagiramungu grabbed this opportunity with two hands as he thanked his creator. Mzee started appearing in all sorts of media destroying this racist project; Mzee Twagiramungu who was limping after being denied to return back to his home country started walking and running with joy in his face.



Mzee overnight became the defector leader of the opposition as he appeared on international televisions to destroy this racist concept of Ndi-umunyarwanda. As one Rwandan Tutsi survivor of the genocide told Ikaze Iwacu recently that “he associates himself with Twagiramungu because 90% of his family were also killed in the genocide yet they were hutus; this man is a genocide survivor like me, he understands my feelings.”  Mzee being a genocide survivor himself, this allows Mzee Twagiramungu to come across very well from different aspects, as no one can dare to challenge him that he is a racist yet nearly his entire family perished at the hands of members of his own ethnic.

When Mzee Twagiramungu wrote to Pascal Simbikangwa’s lawyers with a request to appear as a material witness on behalf of Pascal Simbikangwa; Simbikwanga’s lawyers became excited as Mzee was a viable witness. But Mzee as a publicist had different ideas; on the 18th February 2014 during his appearance at the Simbikangwa’s trial, Mzee Twagiramungu turned from being a witness for the defendant (Simbikangwa) to being a lecturer, historian and an analyst of the Rwandan politics. Mzee Twagiramungu as a publicist was able to achieve the following by appearing in Simbikangwa trial: 

  • His appearance elevated him as a defender of the defenceless, especially within the Hutu community. 
  • His was able to test and raise the issues of FDLR in court. 
  • He was able to present himself as a statesman who is above politics; a gentleman who is fighting to save Rwandans from the nightmare of injustice, inequality and killings caused by the RPF criminal regime. 
  • The biggest price of all is that the Mzee gained free publicity and he was able to narrate his expertise. 

Now and then you will always hear young politicians mention that their political parties are composed of the youth; but what they forget is that all youths need a mentor; what I would tell those youth in politics is that you ignore the oldies at your own naivism.


Today, Mzee Twagiramungu’s rating is rocketing sky high because he understands the language of the demographic, he also understands very well both his foes and friends; he reads and understands the political trends. Mzee Twagiramungu was able to outplay RNC; RNC allowed itself to get trapped by the Mzee. They were slow to forecast the market trend and the party was slow to respond as to why they did not attend the conference; they were caught napping as the Mzee was already on the move. Out of the 10 political parties that where invited by Mzee Twagiramungu, its only 6 that attended in the last conference and yet the blame was only landed on RNC. 


Faustin Twagiramungu with Karangwa Semushi, who is back in Rwanda after being thrown out of PDP-Imanzi

In my next article I will be trying to analyse at how Mzee Twagiramungu was able to infiltrate certain political parties before sending the invitations of “Inama Kaminuza”. Inama Kaminuza has achieved what Kagame failed to do in the last three years, political parties are disintegrating and political disunity has become the norm of the day. As these political parties continue to tear each other; criminal Jack Nziza, Queen Jeanette Kagame, small god Paul Kagame and their RPF terrorist organisation are at their best in purging the Country and abusing human rights. 

To be continued……. 


By a Correspondent 





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