Clinton Cash: 4 Times Hillary Clinton and African Dictators Raped Africa

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Clinton Cash: 4 Times Hillary Clinton and African Dictators Raped Africa
The controversial documentary, Clinton Cash, is a reason to pause and think through Hillary Clinton’s influence in African politics and what can be expected of her if she gets the top job.
Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate is a magnet of controversy. Her honesty is doubted just as much as her ethics are. A short documentary, Clinton Cash, screened at the 2016 Cannes Festival put her back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The premise of the film which is a screen adaptation of a book by the same name is that the Clintons are a corrupt bunch. They stand accused of associations with dangerous men who have caused untold suffering in the world because of their selfishness. Though Clinton Cash was written by a decidedly Republican author (Peter Schweizer), it is a reason to pause and think through Hillary Clinton’s influence in African politics and what can be expected of her if she gets the top job.
The Clinton factor in the Democratic Republic of Congo


When she was a senator, Hillary Clinton was one of the first 12 cosponsors to sign on in support of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act of 2006. The Act addressed the issue of conflict minerals in a bid to combat the violence which resulted because of the mineral trade as well as human rights and corruption. In strongly worded speeches, she asserted her support for the ordinary citizens of the country, even proclaiming, “We will help you build a strong, civilian-led government that is accountable and transparent.”
Those were just words! When DRC held widely disputed elections in 2011, the State Department she was leading stayed out of it and called it an “internal affair”. The United Nations Group of Experts then revealed Rwanda’s involvement in the DRC but under Hillary Clinton who served as Secretary of State, the State Department “sought to block or delay publication of the damning portion of the investigation”. Clinton Cash establishes a connection between Clinton’s reluctance to act on her words in the DRC and her relations with business people like Lukas Lundin who committed $100 million to the Clinton Foundation through a charity called Lundin for Africa. Lundin’s companies operate in controversial, war torn areas where competition avoids.
Adolph Lundin, the founder of the companies had made his money mining in apartheid South Africa even after the United Nations applied international sanctions. The Lundins had entered the DRC by striking deals with then rebel leader, Laurent Kabila who they sponsored in return for mining rights if he ascended to power, which he did. The Act which Clinton had cosponsored was a real threat to the Lundin interests and logically, they would not have wanted to see it being implemented. It would seem the $100 million was enough to stop Clinton from implementing the Relief, Security and Democracy Promotion Act.
Clinton’s unholy Ethiopian ties
One of Saudi Arabia’s richest men, Mohammed al-Amoudi is said to have made his fortune from his ties with Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi and his repressive government. This same man (Amoudi) committed $20 million to the Clinton Foundation in May 2007. Meanwhile, the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act had been introduced and was then passed that October. The idea was to pressurise the government of the country to be more transparent if it was to get aid from the USA. This pressure to change would have affect Amoudi who benefitted from the status-quo, so he made his move. Amoudi, a man not known for his philanthropy, a man who had been approached by local AIDS orgnaisations for fractions of what he gave the Clinton Foundation but turned them down suddenly became the prime example of generosity. An Ethiopian human rights organisation flagged this in a letter to Bill Clinton, writing, “We have reason to believe that the huge donation to the Clinton Foundation was made on behalf of the Ethiopian government.
Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State predictably did not change much in Ethiopia. If anything, Zenawi, though famed for his repressive streak was held with high regard by the Clintons, even being called up for Clinton Foundation events. Though the Accountability Act had been passed, Clinton’s State Department continued to give hundreds of millions worth of aid though it was clear that the Ethiopian government was not transparent in its dealings. Amoudi’s Dashen Bank reaped unimaginable benefits from the USAID’s Development Credit Authority. Was this what Amoudi’s $20 million bought him?
The dark Clinton shadow in South Sudan
In the United States corridors of power, one Joe Wilson commands a lot of respect because of his close relationship to the Clintons. In the first Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, he was vocal and proclaimed Hillary, “easily the better candidate” than Obama. This same Wilson became vice chairman of Jarch Capital, a company with interests in natural resources in countries it expected “sovereignty changes”. This is a politically correct representation of “war-torn” countries. Philippe Heilberg, the founder of the company had said, “You have to go to the guns, this is Africa.” He meant his company would strike deals with warlords. Through its subsidiary, Jarch Management, the company has brokered massive deals taking advantage of the South Sudanese situation. The leaders of the company are quite possibly the grey suits behind the continued conflict in the region. It is this soiled character (Joe Wilson) who was considered a key adviser to Hillary Clinton in her tenure as Secretary of State. How unfortunate!
Even in Nigeria
One of the Clintons’ favourite people is businessman, Gilbert Chagoury. Chagoury’s partnership with despotic Sani Abacha helped him amass much wealth. Nuhu Ribadu who led the anti-corruption prosecution in Nigeria said, “You couldn’t investigate corruption without looking at Chagoury.” He further said Chagoury had helped siphon $4 billion from Nigeria into tax havens. This same Chagoury is then found in history contributing $469,000 to the Clinton re-election campaign in 1996 “on Abacha’s behalf”. The policy towards Nigeria took a dramatic 180 degree turn with an evidently tolerant tone for Abacha being adopted. Chagoury was later convicted for the crime of money laundering during the Abacha administration but the Clintons remained friends with him. In 2009, he even pledged $1 billion to the Clinton legacy project. Such a character who has been at the center of robbing Africa should be the last person the Clintons associate with but not in this case.
One may say some of these relationships the Clintons have are entirely personal but such naivety would encourage Africa to look away as the American leadership strengthens characters who are destroying the continent. Media Matters for America attempted to undermine the findings of Clinton Cash but in the case of Africa, the one argument it proffered was that Clinton was simply continuing with a policy-framework of the Bush administration. This does not make it better! Africa is not going to be comforted by the fact that leader after leader in the United States chooses to support looting dictators, warlords and unscrupulous businesspeople who connive to strip the continent of all it has. This whole business has colonial undertones and the Clintons are the face of this new age of imperialism. 
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CESAR 18/09/2016 23:54

"Clinton Cash: 4 Times Hillary Clinton and African Dictators Raped Africa "

Hillary Clinton est y la voix des dicteurs Kagame, Museveni, Kabila dit fils et autres aux Conseil de Sécurité de l'ONU.
Ses méfaits sont de notoriété publique.
Le Secrétaire Général de l'ONU actuel a envoyé des experts pour enquêter sur les crimes de masse qui ont été commis en RDC, anciennement Zaïre, contre les réfugiés Hutu Rwandais et les Congolais du Kivu. Ces experts ont exactement accompli leur mission. Ils ont rédigé un rapport confirmatif dit Rapport Mapping quant aux massacres des millions de réfugiés Hutu et Congolais par l'armée de Kagame. Ils ont précisé que les massacres sont constitutifs de génocide et crimes contre l'humanité contre ces Hutu et Congolais. Il s'ensuit que le Conseil de Sécurité devait en tirer les Conséquences à savoir créer un tribunal spécial pour rechercher et juger des bouchers des millions de femmes, enfants et hommes de tous âges Hutu Rwandais et Congolais.
Qu'-a-fait Hillary Clinton alors Secrétaire d'Etat des USA?
Elle instruit l'ambassadeur de son pays à l'ONU pour qu'elle fasse le nécessaire afin que ce rapport soit définitivement enterré. Elle également déployé une armada de moyens pour empêcher la publication de ce rapport. Malheur au diable. Le Journal l’a publié avant que les agissements néfastes de Clinton ne produisent leurs effets. Toutefois, même si ce rapport a été porté à la connaissance du monde entier par Le Monde, il est resté dans les placards de Ban Ki Moun. In fine, les actions de Clinton ont produit les effets escomptés par elle au bénéfice des bouchers, ami de son mari et protégés des USA dont elle entend diriger si les Américains le décident.
Autres agissements négatifs de Clinton avec l’accord d’Obama bien entendu, son pays comme l’Allemagne, le Royaume Uni, le Canada, l’Inde et autres pays dit amis des USA tel qu’Israël, a toujours rejeté les projets de résolutions portant sanctions des exterminateurs des millions de Congolais du Kivu, le tout jusqu’à ce jour.
Elle a tout fait pour que les demandes des ONG congolaises, africaines, HRW et autres quant à la création d’un tribunal pénal spécial pour que les broyeurs des millions de Hutu Rwandais et Congolais répondent de leurs actes adressées au Conseil de Sécurité de l’ONU soient rejetées ou restent sans suite. Dans le même esprit, elle a soutenu Kagame, Kagame et Museveni dans leurs actions auprès de certains Présidents africains tel que ceux du Gabon, du Congo Brazaville et autres pour que leurs a pays rejettent les demandes ci-dessus mentionnées. Kabila a dont œuvré pour que les auteurs des crimes contre des millions de Congolais du Kivu ne soient pas envoyés à la barre d’un tribunal pénal spécial international.
Ses dictateurs prient jour et nuit pour que leur protectrice soit élue en novembre prochain à la tête de son pays. Ainsi, Kabila, à l’instar de Kagame, pourra s’autoproclamé président à vie par le jeu de violation de la constitution de son pays.
Les questions posées sont les suivantes.
Monsieur Trump est-il au courant des méfaits de Clinton et ses liens étroits avec ces despotes et criminels ci-dessus cités et au surplus grands clients des paradis fiscaux et membres des mafias qui gangrènent leurs pays ?
Dans l’affirmative, ce problème pourra figurera-t-il su la liste des sujets qui seront débattus entre lui et Clinton ?
Dans la négative, comment lui faire parvenir ce problème afin qu’il puisse faire état de son opinion ?

Emmanuel 18/09/2016 18:42

Ariko mw'Abanyarwanda mwe nanubu murigisha amacakubiri?!, umva: ko mwituka mukisubiza muhimba abantu batabaho kugirango mukongeze mureme inzangano ninde wababwiye ko ubutegetsi ari Perezida gusa nonese ko Perezida aba umwe gusa kandi ko atgekana n'abandi urugero: Aba minisitri,Aba Senateri,Aba Depite,Aba Goverineri,Aba Meya,aba Gitifu,n'abandi......,kandi murizo nzego zose Abanyarwanda b'ingeri zose bibonamo,gusa icyo mugomba kumenya Perezida n'ubwo yaba mwene so,n'ubundi udashoboye kw'irwanaho ntabwo yashobora kujya aguha Amafaranga agutunga buri kwezi,nkaba nanzura ngira nti Perezida Urwanda rukeneye nuwatuma imibereho yabo irushaho kuba myiza atabavanguye ashingiye ku kintu icyo aricyo cyose,umeze atyo aho yaba akomoka hose jye ntakibazo anteye apfa kuba ari Umunyarwanda

NIKO 18/09/2016 18:14

Uwera Cartas, sha uri Cartas koko!! Ibi si ugutukana ni ugukoronga! Wagerezaho mwana w'i Rwanda! Uzabishima ako gatwe kawe musaza wawe uri gushimagiza ari kugakubitamo agafuni! Ntabwo urusha ubututsi Rwigara cg Karegeya! Nta nyungu nimwe uzakura muri aya magambo rushenyi wirirwa uhuragura hano! Akarimi kabi gasemera umusaya! Byanze bikunze uzasimbura Mugesera muri 1930 niba musaza wawe azaba yagukundiye. Wait and see!

Uwera Cartas 18/09/2016 17:49

Umva mwa bahutu mwe b'inkoramaraso narababwiye nongere mbisubiremo.
Nta muhutu uzongera gukoza impfundiko n'amabinga anuka mu Rugwiro.
Dore ngaha aho ndi kandi namwe murabizi. Mutahe musubire mu mirima muhinge basaza banjye bazabaha amafumbire n'inyongeramusaruro. Bitihise nimukomeze mwiruka amashyamba aho za walungu equoiteur nahandi nkizindi nyamaswa zose.
Amagambo yo rwose muyacurikiranye urwanga rubarenge nababwiriki uturimi nutwanyu.
Gusa muzirikane ko Musaza wanjye yabahaye umurongo ntarengwa kandi namwe ndabazi ntimuzanawegera kuko ubwoba muburusha imbeba zitarushwa.
Gutuka musaza wanjye byo ninko kunyara ku rutare kuko yababwiye ko ibitutsi bitajya bimufata .
Urwanda rwagushije ishyano igihe cyose rwayobowe n'impaca z'abahutu bimitse umuco wo kumena amaraso kugeza ubwo vamennye nayabo ubwabo.
Nimutuze mukorere abazungu babahe ibyo murya abandi mwicare mu rwanda ni rugali muhinge kandi murabizi ko ariwo murage wanyu.
Mugira amahirwe dore basaza banjye barabaha amata mumaze gucya ariko mutazibeshya ko bibagiwe ko mwanyweye amaraso ya bamwe muri bene urwanda.
Urwanda ariko si gereza nimudashaka kurubamo mukomeze mwangare aho indambi izabata muzagwiyo kuko inturo ntiba ikiritungo barayireka ikangara ikazagwa iyo ruyifatiye.

Nyirakazihamagarira 19/09/2016 12:15

Kandi fa uyu "mukaritasi" ngo ni uwera, ni Nyirakazihamagarira!
Ngo "uhamagare basaza bawe"?!
Wibagiwe se ko bize ayo mashuri udukangisha ari uko tubanje, tumaze KUGUSWERA wowe na Nyoko, wa nshinji y' injajwa, we? Duhamagare Colonel Nsekarije se? Cyangwa son frère d' armes Rwagafilita na wa musivili Z?!
Wowe kugushyingura, ntibirimo ; kuguhamba bizaba hamana ; kugwa ku gasi, nibyo bigutegereje, wa nkunguzi we!

Umunyarwanda 18/09/2016 18:26

None se wa mwana w umukobwa we wibwirako iyo mvugo nyandagazi yuzuyemo ibitutsi ariyo icyenewe muri iki gihe iyo leta ya nyirubutungane Kagame umuyobozi w ikirenga mu kwigisha ubumwe n ubwiyunge ihuye n amasomo mwe ubwanyu mwirirwa mukwirakwiza hirya no hino? Ahubwo jye nagira nti muvandimwe akari kumutima gasesekara ku munwa kandi imvugo irabaranga! Yarambwiye umukambwe w iwu ati: burya ibihe biha ibindi mwana wanjye!

@Rider 18/09/2016 14:26

Uri minisitri winteragahinda za Kagome.
Nubona akanya ushake visa ya Nyiramongi ashyire umwana papa we . Nibyo byihutirwa muri ministeri ushinzwe . Naho ibyabanyarwanda bireke ntibikureba ; ku itike ya Fist_Lady nubonaho utuvungukira tuza guteza 2 dore ko ari natwo uzaheruka nureba nabi.
Abanyakuri b'abahutu ;abatutsi n'abatwa mukomere turabakunda mweseeee.....
Twese hamwe turitegura u Rwanda ruzira : abicanyi babaganda ; abasahuzi iyo bava bakagera na ba gashakakabuhake bisi yose bari inyuma yakajagari mu gihugu cyacu !
Harakabaho umunyarwanda mu Rwanda ruzima!

Nyiramongi ; americano versus 18/09/2016 13:51

Hari amapica 3 ariho Hilariya hamwe na Kafame na Kanambe, hamwe na Kanambe gusa na hamwe na Kiir : reba uyu mugore ukuntu yarinze! Yifunze Kabila, agasekera Salva nk' uwo yagezemo ; niba yifuza ruriya rukara rwe? Niba ari biriya bigango by' abirabura bimwibutsa uko Anglican Queen yari yarabengutse ibta Idi Amin Dada, BYANYOBEYE!

Uwiyita RIDER ni muntu ki? 18/09/2016 13:37

Uyu RIDER ibyo avuga biteye agahinda, arimo avuga ko veritasinfo irwanya politiki nziza ya FPR, mu kandi kanya akongera : ngo mwe mwanga Kagame! Mubyukuri RIDER arabwira nde ? Ni Veritasinfo cg ni abandi? Ese aremera ko veritasinfo cyangwa abo avuga badakunda Kagame ari abanyarwanda? Niba abyemera ni kuki abo banyarwanda badashobora kwishimira ko igihugu cyabo ari kiza kandi bakakifuriza ibyiza? RIDER nashobora kubona igisubizo k'iki kibazo kandi akaba ari umuntu ureba kure yongere asubire mu nyandiko yanditse hasi aha ayikosore! None se Tuvuge ko uyu RIDER afitiye impuhwe veritasinfo? Biramutse ariko bimeze twazita impuhwe za bihehe!

RIDER 18/09/2016 11:31

Dore igituma mwe murwanya Politike nziza ya FPR INKOTANYI ntaho mugana. Ubu murimo murarwanya umukandida w'ishyaka ry'abademocrates Hillary Clinton. Ngo kuko mufite ubwoba ko azashyigikira Politike nziza ya FPR INKOTANYI, Politike imaze kuvana u Rwanda mu mwanda w'amacakubiri, ubucyene, n'iteranyuma, ikaba irugejeje Ku isuku y' iterambere rigaragarira buri wese uretse abigiza nkana nka veritasinfo n'amashumi yayo. Ubu veritasinfo yakuye agahu Ku nnyo yiyemeza gushyigikira abanyamafuti kumugaragaro nk'ingirwaperezida y'umurundi wiyita NKURUNZIZA Petero, ngo kuko yazanye iterambere ryo kubwira abarundi ngo nibareke umurimo ahubwo ngo birirwe ku mupaka w'u Rwanda n'u Burundi, biha amenyo y'abasetsi ngo baratuka Kagame. Ngo ayo niyo majyambere yageze i Burundi veritasinfo yirirwa yamamaza, ikanagezaho ihinduka umumotsi w'iyo nkunguzi y'umurundi, ikamamaza ibinyoma Nkurumbi ahimba ngo impunzi zasubiye i Burundi kuko amahoro yagarutse kandi ikabivuga izi neza ko ibeshya. Kagame yababwiye ko nta gitutsi wamutuka ngo kimubabaze ahubwo ko uzarenga umurongo akaza gusenya ibyiza abanyarwanda bagezeho ariwe atazemerera kuko tuzamurasa ku manywa y'ihangu ibyo nta banga ririmo uwo bibabaje ajye kwiyahura.Ubu noneho ngo veritasinfo ishyigikiye Donald Trump nk'umukandida wayobora USA, umukandida udashyikiwe n'abantu banshi kubera politike ye ya ruvumwa imeze nka yayindi ya MRND na CDR yo gufata ivanguramoko nk'indagagaciro. Ibya veritasinfo ariko ni amayobera kuko uyu Donald Trump nubwo yatorwa ntabwo yashyigikira interahamwe zisangiye ukwemera na veritasinfo kuko uyu mugabo yanga abirabura Bose atavanguye. Umuntu yakwibaza rero niba inyemeramabi za veritasinfo zigiye kwisiga amavuta azihindura abazungu kugirango Donald Trump azikunde. Ibi veritasinfo ikora ni uguta umutwe kuko politike ya FPR INKOTANYI irabarenze no kuyirwanya byarabananiye FPR yarabatsinze Ku rugamba rw'amasasu, yabatsinze mu nzira ya Demokarasi yabatsinze mu guteza imbere u Rwanda. Naho mwe mwasigajwe inyuma n'amateka muracyacyeka ko politike y'amoko ariyo izatuma mugaruka gutoba u Rwanda, inzozi mutazakabya ni izo! Reka mbahe urugero. Igihe mwavugiye utugambo dusebya Nyakubahwa Kagame mwabonye bimutwara iki? ariko mwe mugiye gupfana agahiri n'agahinda murirwa mushakisha uduhuha tubaho n'ututabaho two gusebya u Rwanda ngo murebe ko bucya kabiri. Muhora mwifuriza ibibi abanyarwanda, dore nk'ubu mumaze iminsi mwishimye ngo inzara mwise Nzaramba igiye kwica abanyarwanda, nyamara uretse kumoka gusa ntitwigeze tubona umunyarwanda waje kubaririra ko ashonje ngo mumufashe. Ndabamenyesha ko Imana yahaye umugisha u Rwanda, ubu imvura yaguye mu Rwanda hose abanyarwanda ubu barimo barahinga nta kibazo bafite iyo nzara mubifuriza ntayo mukibonye. Ngaho nimwandike mwamagane Imana kuko ishyigikiye Politike ya FPR INKOTANYI ikaba yagushije imvura mu Rwanda hose kandi mwe mwifuzaga ko izuba rihora riva maze abanyarwanda bakicwa n'inzara ubundi mukajya gukora animation ngo nzaramba oyeeee!! Amoko aragwira uwababyaye yararumbije.

Umunyarwanda 18/09/2016 18:56

Iterambete ni ryiza ntawutaryifuza ariko ryaba ryiza rigeze kuri buri wese .None se fpr yazanye iterambere mbese izo telephone ngo zitunzwe na 78% mubaha na credit yo kuzishyiramo? Mbese izo za mudasobwa mwaba mwaravumbuye izidakoresha amashanyarazi ?mbese iyo internet yo ikorana ubuhanga budaba amafranga? Iyo kigali ikuye se itaniye no ku karubanda k ibwami? Mujye mwereka abanyamahanga naho twe rubanda turirebera

AMAHORO 18/09/2016 12:17


kaka 18/09/2016 10:37

bararengana uwabaryanishije ni Kayibanda na Habyarimana bo gapfa kabiri

Ryangombe 18/09/2016 10:08

Kagame yanga Rudasingwa , RudasingwA yanga Kayumba, Kayumba yanga Kagame. Aba bavunamuheto b' abatutsi mubona atari bo baryanisha abanyarwanda? .