EMBARRASSING: Kenyans ABUSED and INSULTED President Uhuru for Congratulating Uganda DESPOT Museveni on Retaining POWER via RIGGING

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Kenyans are currently venting their anger on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Facebook Timeline over his message of congratulations to Uganda despot Yoweri Museveni for retaining Power.
Kenyans wondered why it took Uhuru more than 4 days to congratulate Tanzania President John Magfuli who had won a free and fair election BUT took only less than 4 hours to congratulate Museveni who openly rigged himself to power through intimidation and stuffing of votes.
HERE are some of the responses to Uhuru’s post:
Hon Jim Bonnie >> I expected such idiotic statement from you. You’re another problem Africa is facing. I think it’s high time Kenya had a President with genuine academic papers. I’m disgusted.
Timothy Kipchumba Toroitich >> ……..The people of Uganda have spoken, and they have spoken very clearly……..” This is underwhelming boss. With such intimidation of Besigye? You should be ashamed of your sentiments mr. president. That election was a sham. stop embarrassing kenya and kenyans!

Salmon Omondi >>You have congratulated Museveni on your own behalf and your family! Kenya can’t be part of that mockery.
Chrispory Ker >> Mr. President this is on your own behalf and maybe your tribal supporters who blindly support the mess we have witnessed in Uganda. There will be no EAC without democracy and respect for the will of the people. Please don’t abuse our sovereignty to show your support for your dictator friend. Don’t even think of being tempted to try that nonsense in Kenya next year
Bosman Ambida Eglasias >>When you say friendship of the kenyan people, i hope you are talking about Ngina, Margaret, Jommo and Moses Kuria..coz no sound kenyan is a friend of that kind of dictatorship sir
Daggo Tuti >>I expected so coz u r both birds of the same feathers
Millie Mabona >> Thank goodness these views are not shared by all Kenyans. That dictator deserves to rot in prison.
Michael Okoth >>Habakuk you started well by stating that you are pleased as an individual.That was expected from you and your fellow colleagues like Nkuruzinza.You however lost it when you insinuated that the shameless tyrant and his helpless subjects can count on the support and friendship of their Kenyan brothers and sisters,unless if you meant to say the support and friendship of your family. You have ashamed this country!
Chege Maina >> It’s a disgrace to congratulate Museveni in a flawed electoral process… Africa will forever lag behind because of our so called’leaders’ turning a blind eye on the obvious… EAC, AU, IGAD, COMESA have failed Africa & Ugandans.
Ustadhi Jeff >>Dont try it back at home sisi ni wale wabaya

Lynnet Mutula You’re a shame to us
Gikunda Mate >> Thats an insult to Ugandans Bwana Muigai. No wonder your are a one term president.
Prince David >> As Kenyans we don’t recognize Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as duly elected President of Uganda so hiyo ni yako na watoto wako
Charlotte Nalwanga >>I was valuing president kenyatta as a president of a civilised kenya but since you cameout to congratulate this thug, am sorry, if only you can come to uganda, ugandans are mourning m7 victory, and you congratulate a dictator?? so sorry
wine Isaac Norman >> Please, Your Excellence Uhuru, with all dew respect don’t be stupid.

Ray Mckokal You are a disgrace to the people of Kenya mr president.. You are congratulating that dictator who has no respect for humanity and is taking Africa back to colonialism , am disappointed Sir

Wanyama Evan >> May the whole world understand that this is a personal statement from uhuru and does not in any way represent the view of Kenyans.No sane mind can talk positive about an open dishonest election marred with irregularities and intimidation of opponents like uganda’s.
Danny Chebor >>allow me to call you a Kenyan disgrace.we thought you are wise and would urge Museveni to conduct a free and fair elections and respect the will of the people but here you are,congratulating a dictator and encouraging dictatorial regime.
Alice Kagwiria >>I honour u my president but do u really congratulate dictatorial leadership of museveni when the opposition leader is in custody?

Frank Juma Shame! With all other presidential contenders under house arrests and u say the pple of Uganda has spoken!
Anwar Saddat:>> Hehehe.. The Brookside market is now secure. You can also send him Waiguru to show and teach them how to steal public money. She had done excellently on your behalf in Kenya. You can also ask him to float some Eurobond, that way, both of you can be equals: swindlers of Eurobond. Your unity and cooperation is driven by greed. Anyway…. Usifikirie hata kujaribu hio ujinga ya Museveni in 2017.
Justus Atuti:>>I Will be bold enough to call you a stupid fool, Mr Kenyatta, for making a mockery of East Africa, when we all know Ugandans unanimously elected Dr. KiZa Bisigye. Are you thinking of pulling the same triggers on Kenyans? You will be a fool to even imagine. UGANDA IS NOT KENYA….WE WILL TEACH YOU HARD LESSONS….
Ssegujja Joseph >> All the respect ihad for this man Uhuru is gone! how can you still support the dictator???
Paul K Njuru >>>Those are your personal views as Uhuru Kenyatta. They do not represent what majority of us believe. Kenyans of sober mind know that Museveni has won a sham election. Even a blind man can see what is happening in Uganda.
Michael Muriithi >> as a president i loved, this will cost u on 2017 election. it is so shamfull for you to proudly post such a thing that shows you realy dont respect both uganda and kenyan pple. all you care about is your mutual interest with that museveni of yours
Uhuru Kenyatta
I am very pleased to congratulate His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni on his re-election as President of the Republic of Uganda. The people of Uganda have spoken, and they have spoken very clearly. We respect their choice of President Museveni.
Kenya values its close friendship with Uganda. That friendship is founded on a common history, a common culture, and common interests. In years past, we have worked closely together for the prosperity and freedom of our nations. W...

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Mbonyingabo 23/02/2016 11:11

Ikigikorwa Uhuru yakoze twakigerenya no kwishyira mukagozi muburyo bwa politic. Nadasaba abanyakenya imbabazi bizamugiraho ingaruka mbi mumatora yubutaha, kandi muzaba mubyumva. Ntabwo abanyakenyanya arikimwe nabagande cyangwa abanyarwanda, iyo ubasuzuguye nabo baragusuzugura. Ubworero ntimuterwe ubwoba nibwo uhuru yavuze niwe wenyine ntamunyakenya umushigikiye bonanaho yaba aruwo mubwoko bwe.

prions 22/02/2016 23:28

Notre Créateur, Dieu Jéhovah,
Nous te remercions humblement de nous avoir créés et nous a donné la vie
Nous reconnaissons que tu est le seul Juge juste et éternel
Nous t'adorons de ta grâce et amour à travers Jésus notre Seigneur
Nous souhaitons que ton royaume vienne anéantir tous les criminels
Nous savons que tu voit ,tu sait et tu peux.
Nous ,victimes de tous tueurs présidents ,leurs complices et lobbings
Nous te demandons sans cesser de nous sauver en nous débarrassant ces Goriathes
Père envois papa beaucoup de David au Rwanda,au Burundi ,en RD Congo en Ouganda etc
Père neutralises ces satanistes que salissent tes enfants et tes serviteurs et servantes
Père Tout Puissant visites les prisons remplis certains innocents au Rwanda
Père Miséricordieux,les piroto-kaga,les Escariotes,les Caens,sont nombreux dans notre région
Père d'amour et paix ,sauves tes brebis car les loups capitalistes font rages
En passant par ton fils unique et notre Sauveur Jésus Christ,
Nous te supplions de libérer toutes les femmes ,enfants ,les vieux et les malades qui pleurent dans
des prisons au Rwanda et ailleurs
Seigneurs,gardes les âmes des nôtres tués injustement au Rwanda, à Kibeho, en RD Congo et ailleurs.
Ceux qui ont tué tes serviteurs religieux à Gakurezo et ailleurs se vantent porteur de paix
Mais nous savons que tu es le seul Seigneur de paix
Fais Sauveur que ces blasphémateurs perdent leurs immunités et mensonges
Par nos prières, par les injures et injustices que nous subissons;nous espérons ton
intervention miraculeuse et libératrice

Envoyez ,s'il vous plaît ,à une personne que vous connaissez qui a perdu injustement les siens dans la guerres et aux personnes qui aiment la guerre et qui ont pillé les autres

KAKA 22/02/2016 18:22

Wowe Nyirabarenzi niba unegura ifoto ya padri uravuga iki ku mafoto ya shobuja muri za universités zo muri Amerika?? Harya ngo aba atanga amasomo ya economie??!!!!!!!! Cyebuka noneho urebe amafoto ya rurangiza yasohotse mu kinyamakuru therwandan ya Mushikiwabo!! Ko ntacyo uyavugaho? Vana Padri mu kanwa SVP!!

Mahoko 22/02/2016 17:40

@ Nyurabarenzi
@ Munyarukato,

Biriya byo kwifotoreza mu bazungu cg gukoresha za photo shop ni propagande yakunze gukoreshwa cyane n'abiyitirira politique bagamije kwishakira amaramuko kugirango rubanda iba yarataye ikizere ibakorakoranirize infashanyo yibeshya ko bategura ibihambaye babifashijwemo n'abazungu.
Ni iterabwoba riba rivanze ko kutiyumvamo ubushobozi bitewe n'uwo muhanganye byakubitiraho na ya ngeso y'abahutu yo guhakirizwa rero bikaba agatogo.
Abahanga bazi gureresa abazungu mu ntabwo babifotorezaho kuriya cg ngo babagire igikangisho kuko abazungu bakunda ibanga kandi ntanarimwe bajya bashaka kwigaragaza iyo bashyigikira révolution cg impinduka mu bihugu by'Afrika.
Nahimana rero ashobora no gukoresha amafoto nkariya agamije kwereka abo yasabye cash muri ya projet ye yasabaga 2M $ ngo akureho Kagame kuko benshi nyuma yo kumuha utwabo barakubita agatoki ku kandi kuko yarabashushanije.
Kuba rero yarananiwe kujya i kigali kuwq 28janvier 2016 nkuko yabyijeje abanyarwanda nabyo bimutera ipfunwe bigatuma ashaka ashaka uko yabereka ko azwi n'abategetsi b'isi yose.

Padiri jye naramwemeye ahubwo ashobora no kuba yarakinnye kazungu anarara!!
Nukwihangira imirimo wangu!!!

Nyabugogo 22/02/2016 16:24

Wa gahonya we se ; Rwanda deuil mwirwa muyibungereza hirya no hino mu bazungu kubera ko uRwanda rwababanye ruto ? Yaba uwo mwana wifotoje yaba umukuru yaba Kagome buri wese ni uburenganzira bwe . Nuwabaha mars ngo muyitegeke mwapfa muri ba ntibanyurwa .Muzarinda mupfa muvugaguzwa nkabataye umutwe ! Padiri agutwayiki se wa gashwiriri we ?

bunyoni 22/02/2016 15:14

Impunzi za abahutu babanyarwanda bari muri Kenya Presida wa Kenya Uhuru yasinyiye kuzica, kuzimaraho kugirango anezeze kagome none atangiye kwigamba ko nawe atazava kubutegetsi. Impunzi zabahutu babanyarwanda zarishwe kandi ziricwa uko bwije nuko bukeye muri Nairobi, Kenya. Gusa nziko abanyakenya bihagazeho nta munyagitugu bazemerera kuguma kubutegtsi kuko naba Braitish, Uk bashatse kwigira ibitangaza muri Kenya hanyuma abanya Kenya barabahagurukira babafunga iminywa ni bikorwa byabo byose, babereka ko Kenya ariyo abanya Kenya atariyo abazungu. Uhuru nawe bazmwereka azumirwa.

Nyirabarenzi 22/02/2016 15:12

Munyarukato rwose unyibukije akantu mpora mbona nkajya ku itaka!!
Iriya Photo padiri Nahimana yiriza lu mbuga agaragara imbere ya bureau de parlementaire y'igihugu cya Suède wa mugani aba ashaka gutanga butumwa ki? Ko ahamagarwa muri manama ya Senat na assemblée z'abazungu??
Ubundi akifotoza ari hagati y'abazungu nka ba bana bakigera i burayi bwa mbere bohereza amafoto bari muri neiges cg bifotoreje ku bazungu ngo bereke abo basize muri afrika ko bageze kure kandi wenda barara mu mihanda!!!
Bigaragara ko abirabura tutazigirira ikizere na rimwe rwose.

Munyarukato 22/02/2016 12:50


Aba bahutu benewacu ntibakorwa n'isoni rwose!! Kuki mwumva ko uwo mudashaka cyangwa mwanze atagimba gutegeka??
Ariko uzi ko mwiyibagiza ko aya matakaragasi y'amacakubiri mubiba mu karere agarukira kuri izi mbuga zanyu??
Abagande aho bava bakagera bazi ko abahutu turi abicanyi kuko imirambo yabo benewacu baciye amajosi yatembaga mu kagera nk'ingiga z'ibiti muri 1994 igihe cy'amezi atatu yose.
Kuburyo bamwe mu bagande b'inyangamugayo bafashe icyemezo cyo kurohora imirambo y'abatutsi b'inzirakarengane bakayishyingura mu cyubahiro ku butaka bwabo kandi bakahubaka urwibutso.
Kuba rero abagande batoye umutegetsi bifuza nuko bazi ibyo abagejejeho kuva 1986 kandi aya magambo abahutu ducurikiranya ntibayitayeho kuko badufata déjà nk'abicanyi kuko banabifitiye ibimenyetso.
Benedata rero tureke kwivanga mu bitatureba no mu miyoborere y'ibihugu by'abandi tubanze twerekane ko twacitse ku ngeso yo kumena amaraso tubone twigire ba bamenya.
Guterura agafoto ka besigye ugaterekaho n'abana bari mu mwobo bamukora ku nkweto sibyo byerekana umuyobozi ukwiye kuko na Nkurunziza bariya ariho yica yakinaga nabo umupira mu minsi yashize.

Hhhhhj munyibukije rwose ifoto Thomas Nahimana yirirwa apubliant yifotoreje imbere ya Parleament hause i buraya.

Nyamara benedata twari dukwiye kureka imico ya kinyamaswa twarazwe na Parmehutu, ahubwo tukabana n'abandi mu mahoro naho ubundi tuziruka isi dutagangare ariko umuvumo w'amaraso uzaduhoraho.
Byangamvuga n'umwana w'umunyarwanda.


Kayonde 22/02/2016 15:38

Wowe wiyita munyarukato, biragaragara ko ibyo Munyarukato nyawe yandika bikunyura ukabura aho ubihungira kuko bikwibutsa uwo uriwe ariko ubuhuna bukaguhuma amaso, ufite ubumeni buke ku bahutu wiyitirira kandi iryo mfunwe ry'uko so na ba so wanyu batemaguye abaturanyi babo babita abatutsi waribeshye kuko abatutsi nyabo Kagame yemera ni abari barahunganye nawe (uretse ko na Kagame ntabatutsi azi iyo abamenya yari gucyura Kigeri V, umwami wabo ), uru rubuga rwo ruzatuma wiyahura wibwira ngo uri guhakwa kwa Kagame ngo yibagirwe ko uri umucukuzi w'imisarani, urahakirizwa ubusa abahutu b'ibihuna nkawe bahozeho ntuzabuza abahutu kuvuga ikibari ku mutima! Abo bagande ahubwo ni abagabo kuko barushije kagame ubwenge bashyingura bene wabo kagame yaboherereje ari imirambo kuko ukuri kuri mu bya baye 1994, harokotse abatutsi basaga 400.000 mubagera kuri 600.000 batari barahunze kugeza 1994, bivugako ba so wanyi bishe abarenga 200.000 ; urumva ko muri miriyoni kagame yavuze yatsebye mumufashije , harimo abahutu bagera 800.000; nushake wiyahure rwose abo bagande mubo bashyinguye abenshi ni abahutu Kagame yanyujije iyubusamo, barabizi rero ntubibarusha umwicanyi baramuzi bajya kumwita Pirato bari bazi icyo Pirato yakoreye umwana w'Imana. Ibyuko abagande bacecetse ni nk'abahutu b'i Rwanda: Guceceka si ubucucu ni ukugirango nibajya kwikiza abo banyagitugu bazabarandurane n'imizi yabo ntawongeye kwihisha mu bwoko cyangwa icyo aricyo cyose ngo abarimbure. (Gutekinika amatora nubundi byavuye i Bugande)
Abo banyagitugu ushyigikiye kubera iyo nda yawe n'ubwenge washyize mu gifu, bazakurwaho bishwe cyangwa bahunze imyivumbagatanyo y'ingaruka z'ububi bwabo. Nubwo wibeshyera ngo wamennye amaraso, 200.000 ntaho zihuriye na miriyoni zirenga 13 Kagame na Kaguta bamaze guhitana mu Bugande, Rwanda na Zayire ,bakaba bakiryohewe no gukomereza i Burundi.
Ibanga ryabo turarizi baguze ibinyamakuru by'isi yose, ariko bibagiwe ko ntagahora gahanze , ubu bari kwidegembya kuberako bashyigikiwe na Amerika n' u Bwongereza , umunsi Abanyamerika n'abongereza babavuyeho ntibazamenya ikibakubise.
Iryo mfunwe ufite uzarikizwa no gushyirwa mu munyururu naho ibyo kwitwaza abahutu ntaho bizakugeza.
Sinarangiza ntagutuye akaririmbo k'umuhanzi witwa Bikindi ka Nangabahutu niko karagufasha kumva amaherezo y'ubuhuna bwawe.
Nushaka rwose ujye wiyandika mu mazina yawe kuko ibitekerezo byawe bihita biritwereka ko uri : Depite Bamporiki wavanywe ku gucukura imisarani ukicara mu nteko ishinga amategeko ! ukaba usangiye ubuhuna n'abandi nkawe birirwa batambutsa uburozi mu bahutu bibeshya ko hari aho bahuriye ba Rucagu, Habumuremyi, Evode, Habineza, ; icyo Kagame abahemba kirazwi humura kizakugeraho komeza ukotane kurusha izamarere nazo inyinshi zarananiwe!

Umusaza 22/02/2016 12:09

Mbega Perezida w'igicucu, biragaragara ko EAC ntaho izigeza niba n'uyu mu nya Kenya ashaka kugera ikirenge mu cy'abanyagitugo Kaguta na Kagame, bishingikirije iterabwoba n'igitugu bagura medias internationaux zirirwa zibamamaza kubera akayabo baziha (ngo babyise gutekinika) bikorera ibyo bishakiye ; Gusa abaturage bo mubiyaga bigari nibadahumuka ibi binywamaraso birabarimbura! Ikimaze kugaragara ni uko Uganda n'u Rwanda nta demokarasi izongera kuharangwa bararakuraho abanyagitugu babigize ingwate. Ikibabaje ni uko na Kenya ishaka kugera ikirenge mu cyabo! Ndashimira aba nya Kenya batinyutse bakamagana kumugaragaro ibisazi bya Uhuru Kenyata utangiye kudohoka.

iyakaremye 22/02/2016 11:29

Kuri Nkurunziza na Abarundi, muri rusange ikigihe muri mo musurwa cyane nabo bakpzi basatani si igihe cyo kwirara no kwasama ubwo barimo barabiga neza inzira yahafi banyuzamo prezida wanyu. Ni mukine politiki ariko ntimwibagirwe uwo mukina nawe. Nkurunziza we kwirara ku masengesho ngo utangire wiringire imbara zawe. Ubu nibwo ukwiye gukora cyane kuko abanzi ba bantu bahinduye umuvuno. Imwe mu mutego baguteze ni uwo kwamagana cg se guhana abavugishije ukuri bamagana Lusefiri Nkur Paul Kagame. Uramenye batagushuka ngo uteme shyami wicariye. Ese wigeze wumva Kagame abuza , rushyasya, Imirasire, igihe , na abatangaho komenti batuka Abarundi bu umutima muri rusange? none se bagututse ibitutsi bike kandi bakubeshyera? nonese wumvise iyo Amerika ibuza cg se icyaha Kagame ubwo yagutukiraga mu mbona ruhame ya abagerrwa be ikigali? ICYO Abo barundi bavuze kitaricyo ni ikihe? wirinde amaranga mutima no gukabya ubukristu ejo utaza gupfa urwa Habyara wahugiye mugusoma ishapure inyenzi zikamutanga mu imbere. Abo Barundi batandukiriye ni banyure mu ingando ubigishye gukunda Uburundi. KaGAME YIRAZA aBAHUTU MU INGANDO ABIGISHA GUKUNDA NO Kubaha AbATUTSI ku gatuza, kuko ngo baziko Urwanda ari urwabo, bo nyine abandi baka abagaragu . Ntimube naif nkuko Abanyapolitiki bacu babaye none abana bacu bakaba basaziye mu bugaragu bwa Abazungu bafata inkoni bagaha izo nkoramaraso zigakubita uko zishyakiye. Umenye ko abo uhanganye nabo baba bategere the right time ubundi bagahitinga. Iyti ni repli tactique bari gukora no guhindura progression et formtion des combattants kuko terrain isa naho yahindutse. Ahari ubwo mbishize munvugo muzi mura byumva. nti mube abasama ngo musamare ngo Amerika yavuze. Uwo wavuze ntaho ataniye na LOUIS MICHEL, SAMANTA, MIGAIN NA ABANDI BOSE. Ako gasaza muzakabwize ukuri , ariko biragoye ko umuboyi ategeka sebuja ibyo barya ni igihe cyo kubirya. Vive la paix dans la region!!!!

FDLR 22/02/2016 11:26

ayi ayinyaaaa!!! nyamara les dictateurs bose bazavaho nabi!! imagine KAGAME nawe bamuhaye congratulations!! nyamara ISI YOSE IGIHE KUMENYA IZO NYENZI ZIRWA ZIMOKA.Ubuse kandi ninde uzongera gutuka HE NKURUNZIZA kandi we ashaka kuvugana na terrorists? KAGAME se we yabikozwa?nyamara umuteto uzashira

Munyarukato 22/02/2016 11:01

Ikindi kandi nari nibagiwe kubabwira ni uko Kenyatta yisinyiye urupfu gushyigikira iriya nyenzi ku mugaragaro.

Kuko igihe iriya nyenzi Museveni izahilima azabura aho akwirwa ashake kwivuguruza mu magambo ye bitagishobotse.

Niyiha kandi gukomeza kugambanira bene wabo yishinga ibinyoma by'abatutsi b'inyenzi bayobowe na Museveni, ntazatinda kubona ibihembo byiza cyane yateguririwe n'iriya Nkandagirabitabo Rutindi Rubebe Mayibobo Rukarabankaba Kanywamaraso Runyenzi Rushinyika Madwedwe Ndayimanga Myinyo Gisahiranda Mushushwe Gipfapfa Gipfayongo Rushofeli Nyagasega Kandoyi Vampaya Ruzingo Tugufwa Rwabujindili Gashukuzi Shetani Nkirabuheri Gafuni Rupfu Ngoto Pilato aliwe umwicanyi Ruharwa Pawulo Kagome !!!!

Ngo umukunzi w'impyisi niwe yariye mbere.


iyakaremye 22/02/2016 10:57

Kenyans people has full reason to rebuke their president , who is taking himself as a child and blind by refusing to see the reality of what his counterfeit by The Name of Kaguta, Kagame are dong for Africans especially for those of great lakes. I URGE MY Colleagues ( kenyans) not to vote again to this ignorant president, and be ready to fight him democratically , bcz he will do the same things as his teacher and cowboy Mesveni.

Uwera Cartas 22/02/2016 10:50

Narababwiye mwa nterahamwe mwe ko imihigo ishongiye gusa ku rwango n'amatiku isiganyirayo akozwe n'isoni n'ikimwaro.
Ukuntu mwabwejaguraga narinzi ko kuri uyu wa mbere muba mwamaze kwimika Kiiza Besigye!!

Erega ubutegetsi butangwa n'Imana ntibutangwa n'abahutu barindagijwe no kwiruka isi bacura amagambo adafite epfo na ruguru.
Mwarirwa murekereje kunywa amaraso y'abantu nkuko kamere yanyu ibibabwira ariko biranga bikabapfana ubusa!!!
Ngaho rero mutashye amara masa mu Bugande ngaho nimwongere mwerekeze akarimi mu burundi.
Yewe, muzapfe urwo narwo siruto!!!!

mulindwa 22/02/2016 12:52

Ariko Uwera we,kuki wikorera abahutu. Ntabwo nkubwira ubwoko bwa njye ariko ndashaka kukubwira ko Museveni agiye ku butegetsi ku ngufu, Ntabwo wabitindaho rero, Bahagarariye amatora bavuze nka ntabwigengenge byayaranze. Ikindi ni uko tuvuze abantu bibingwamaraso ubu, ntabwo wasiga ubutegetsi bwa Kagame. Ngaho niba ataribyo mbwira abishe abantu bakabajugunya muri Rweru.
Ntujye uvugira abantu nezakandi ibikorwa byabo bibi bigaragara. Kugeza ubu niba babeshyera ubutegetsi bwa Kagame ubwo wowe wasobanura ahantu 60000 biherukla kubura mu Rwanda aho byagiye. Ubutegetsi kandi nabwo bwiyemerera ko koko abo bantu babuze. Ahubwo icyo nagusaba, ni ukwegera abandi mugakoraho biryabinywamaraso. Naho ubndi nawe ejo bazagihitana. Ndumva utaruta ba Lizinde, Assinapol, abari mu bihome,n'abandi. Ruriye abandi rero nawe rutakwibagiwe.

Kayonde 22/02/2016 11:34

Wowe Caritas nturi uwera ahubwo uri uwanduye wandujwe n'urwango wanga abahutu kandi wowe na Paul Kagame nubwo mukibica ntimuzabamara, Abahutu bahozeho bariho kandi bazahoraho kuzageza isi irangiye nk'abatwa n'abatutsi , ibyo mwihaye byo gutesha ubwoko agaciro ntacyo bizakumarira n'abatekereza nkawe bose uretse kuzahora ubabona ukicwa n'agahinda! Humuka va ibuzimu ujye ibuntu ntawe uyobewe abo wita basaza bawe (Kaguta na Kagame) b'abanyagitugu. Ubundi abanyagitugu ntibakurwaho namatora kubea baba bafite resultat yibyo baratangaza mbere y'uko amatora aba! Bazakurwaho n'urupfu cyangwa imyivumbagatanyo, ibindi ntibabikozwa! Naho ibyo kunywa amaraso ntawabibarusha kuko ni Kagame Paul umaze kwesa umuhigo mu kuyagotomera , mu gihe izo nterahamwe uvuga zishe abasaga 200.000 (reba ibarura rusange ry'abaturage b'urwanda 1991) Kagame wawe amaze guhitana mu biyaga bigari Uganda, Rwanda na Zayire abasaga miliyoni 13! Ntahaze ngo akomereje i Burundi! Musige aho !!!

Munyarukato 22/02/2016 10:50

Nkunze abanyakenya ukuntu bahise bamagana president wabo ku bwinshi ukuntu yihaye gushimira iriya nyenzi ngo ni museveni ishaka kuzakenyukira ku butegetsi kandi azi neza ko amatora yayibye ku mugaragaro.

Abanyarwanda nabo bagomba gushirika ubwoba bakabwiza 81 iriya Nyangabirama Igipfapfa Rutindi Runyenzi Rukarabankaba Rushinyika Myinyo Mushushwe Gipfayongo Gisahiranda Rushofeli Nyagasega Vampaya Kanywamaraso Madwedwe Ndayimanga Ruzingo Gashukuzi Shetani Nkirabuheri Nkandagirabitabo Tugufwa Rubebe Rwabujindili Kandoyi Gafuni Rupfu Ngoto Pilato a.k.a. umwicanyi Ruharwa Pawulo Kagome !!!!


iyakaremye 22/02/2016 12:04

Bwana Kayonde ndagushimye kuba ugerageza gukemura Abantu nka carits. Ariko sinzi niba ubonako Caritas yamaze gunuka atakira gihana. uramubwira ibyi barura ryo 91 ibyo ntashobora ku byumva kuko ubwonko bwe bwuzuye uvunderi bitata Kagame. Ubukozo bita genocide nibwo vanjiri ye na Shebuja. do no waist your time my brother to such beach and useless demon.

Kamili 22/02/2016 10:48

Abanya Kenya ni abagabo, beretse Perezida wabo ko batari kumwe muruwo mugambi wokuryamira ukuri!!

Km 22/02/2016 10:18

Ni agahomamunwa!!! Umunyarwanda yise umwana we Bosenibamwe!! Umva ko Afrika izibohora!! Wapi mu gihe cyose ba leaders ship aribo bakomeje kudindiza demokrasi muri Afrika ntaho tugana!!! EAC uri mu kihe cyerekezo???????????????? Mu rwa Bayanga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!