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Rwandan President Paul Kagame announced last week that he will seek a third term in office in 2017, following a December referendum allowing him to serve beyond the constitution’s previous two-term limit. World Policy Journal spoke with award-winning journalist Anjan Sundaram to discuss Kagame’s repressive regime and the silencing of independent journalists in the country. Sundaram’s new book, Bad News: Last Journalists in a Dictatorship, will be released on Tuesday, Jan. 12.
WORLD POLICY JOURNAL: What did you consider your role or your responsibility to be as a foreign journalist working in Rwanda, and how did the restrictions on the local journalists affect this?
ANJAN SUNDARAM: Local journalists and I worked in very different positions. The local journalists were fighting for their own freedom, and they were taking greater risks than I was because their lives were in danger and their families were in danger. They were hoping that their children could live in a better and freer Rwanda.
My own experience was rather different. I had sympathy for my students, so when my students were in trouble I wanted to help them. Of course I was in less danger than they were, but that also meant that I could take greater risks. So during most of my time in Rwanda I did not publish press articles for fear that I would be thrown out of the country and would not be able to help my colleagues and my students. And that was the biggest trade-off; I had to keep silent for a long time. This book is the result of the information and interviews and experiences I gathered during many years of silence in Rwanda, collecting information patiently trying to help [my journalists] as best as I could.
WPJ: You draw parallels between Rwanda’s current political dynamics and those that existed leading up to the genocide in 1994, particularly in terms of the enforcement of a single state-directed narrative and the silencing of alternative voices. What does this suggest about the degree of change that’s happened in the country since the genocide?
AS: On the surface it looks like there’s been a lot of change and a great deal of progress. There’s a lot of calm in Rwanda, it seems stable, and it’s held up by many foreign donors as the island of stability in a troubled region. But the reality is that the same structures that were in place prior to and during the genocide are still in place today, and they’re being reinforced. And this obviously does not augur well for the Rwandan people.
The level of control is extreme—there is no free press, there are no institutions to speak of. Last week President Kagame announced he would run for a third term, violating previous promises to respect what had been a two-term limit in the constitution. Now he’s saying the country needs him and people have asked him to stay on, like many dictators do. But really Rwanda today is a structurally unstable place and there’s very little likelihood that there’ll be a transfer of power without violence.
WPJ: Kagame played a prominent role at the time of the genocide, and he’s still the main figure in the country now. So how much of the problem is tied directly to him, and how much is just how the system operates?
AS: It’s all tied directly to him, he’s the central power in Rwanda and his power is almost absolute, and even his supporters—those who claim he is somewhat democratic and is doing good for Rwanda—would admit that his power is almost absolute. He’s responsible for all the structures that are in place today in Rwanda. And he is directly responsible for the continuation of the system of control that was used to conduct the genocide. He says he is now using that system, or a similar system, for good, but the risk is always that he might make a bad decision, or leadership in Rwanda might change and that the system in place is incredibly powerful and incredibly catastrophic, as we saw during the genocide in 1994. It’s all very well for Kagame to say he’s a good person and is leading the country with good intentions. The reality is that there are almost no checks and balances, and his government and he are capable of doing a great deal of harm, which goes unreported in Rwanda.
WPJ: Do you think Rwandan society has recovered to any extent from the genocide, to whatever degree that’s even possible, even if the state might not have not changed much at its core?
AS: I think there’s very little sense among Rwandans of the existence of individuals with rights, with possibilities. There’s a small elite in the country who feel the sense of possibility, but for the majority they are under the control of the state and their lives are highly restricted. I think there’s been a natural healing process in the last 20 years coming to terms with what’s happened and understanding why that’s happened, and there is a genuine desire among Rwandans that it does not happen again. I think that’s at the root of the obedience toward the current government—[the people] are worried that were they to oppose the government, or were there to be a rebellion, there would be renewed violence. They’re so traumatized by the experience of extreme violence that they accept a great deal of control and repression from the Rwandan state without fighting back or pushing back. The underlying tension that caused the genocide has not been addressed. Kagame’s solution was to say that ethnicity was an invention of the Belgian colonial powers that ruled Rwanda for many decades. And so there’s been a de facto ban on speaking about ethnicity in Rwanda. That unfortunately has not helped reconcile many of the tensions that led to the genocide, and in private Hutus and Tutsis still speak extremely violently and aggressively about the others’ ethnicity. So I would not say there has been a great deal of true reconciliation in Rwanda.
WPJ: Another issue that you bring up in the book is the role of foreign embassies in supporting the Rwandan government and its repression by providing large sums of aid. What do you think foreign governments should be doing about the current situation in Rwanda, and why are they not doing it?
AS: I think foreign governments are very well aware of the repression in Rwanda, I think there’s a perverse situation right now in which foreign governments are hard pressed to find aid that delivers results worldwide. And Rwanda is one of the few countries where aid plans are actually executed according to plan, largely because of the repressive government. For aid agencies this is a paradise—they come in with their plans and their plans are executed almost as they’ve been drawn up. It’s led to a perverse situation where aid agencies and foreign governments benefit from the repression, so they have no interest in disrupting it. Foreign aid officials are getting promotions and receiving plaudits for excellent management of aid programs, so the repression is actually serving foreign governments’ interests.
The real question is why is the world financing a dictatorship. In the case of an emergency there is no excuse for not intervening. But Rwanda is not in emergency today. The aid that is being provided is for long-term development, and most of it is being channeled through the Rwandan government or for government-supported projects. Foreign donors providing this aid could influence the Rwandan government a great deal but choose not to. Aid that is sent directly to NGOs and independent organizations on the ground would not reinforce the government’s repressive mechanisms in the same way. That already would always be a huge improvement in the way that aid is managed. I think donors or foreign governments have not even begun to assess that they might be doing harm and bolstering the Rwandan government. If there was a way to support the Rwandan people who need support—by alleviating poverty and improving health—without directly going through the Rwandan government, that might be a far more effective and less fraught way of providing foreign aid.
WPJ: The period that the book covers ends in late 2013. Has the state of independent journalism changed at all since that time?
AS: Not at all, there is no free press in the country today. When the Rwandan government held a referendum in the country to decide whether the two-term limit on presidents should be removed, apparently only 10 Rwandans in a country of more than 10 million opposed his run for a third term. This speaks volumes about how little freedom of speech there is in Rwanda, how few people actually dare to speak up. There are good journalists in Rwanda who know how journalism should be practiced, but unfortunately they’re all too scared. They’ve seen too many of their colleagues murdered, imprisoned, tortured, or having to flee the country to save their lives.
The Rwandan government does not understand the benefits that free press would provide to the country’s development. It doesn’t understand how free press needs certain protection and that a free press would criticize the government, and that this is a good thing. It also makes the argument that free press—particularly radio broadcasts—contributed to the genocide in 1994. This is a false argument because while the genocide was happening, any media that spoke up against the killing was shut down. There was only a single voice in the country, much as there is now. During the genocide, that single voice was advocating genocide, and people who opposed it were killed or imprisoned. There’s a very similar situation in Rwanda today, where the government’s voice is the only voice in the country, and journalists know that were they to oppose that voice, the consequences would be dire.
WPJ: Based on your description of the narrative that’s carefully crafted by President Kagame’s regime, your book represents a disruption to the way that the country is typically portrayed, both in domestic media in Rwanda and in international media. What do you think the response in Rwanda—and particularly the government’s response—will  be?
AS: Historically the government has allowed English press to exist in Rwanda, even that which is critical of the government, because English is only spoken by a tiny minority of elite with very little incentive to disrupt the current power structure. I know that my book is being read in Rwanda because I am receiving emails from people who have somehow obtained copies. Because of Kagame’s announcement last week that he will stand for a third term, this is a particularly sensitive time in Rwanda, and the book is disruptive in that sense.
I thought there was almost an obligation to write about what I experienced, even if it’s merely to put on the record what happened. Most of the repression is forgotten. Most of the journalists who have been killed or exiled are simply forgotten. There are many great people who stood up to the Rwandan government, who saw the increasing repression, and knew that this was not the direction in which the country should be heading, particularly in a country with a history of genocide. They knew that the risk was great and they were brave enough to stand up to the government, and they suffered for it. And now they’re mostly forgotten. I wanted to correct that in some way, and record as much as I could of their stories.
This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.
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FARG irashakisha miliyari 27 z’amanyarwanda yo gusana no kubaka inzu z’abatishoboye

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Milliari 27 ni amafaranga menshi.

Ni byiza gufasha ariko hari ibibazo bibiri mfite:
1. Ayo macumbi 1600 akenewe kwubakwa, abo bantu babaga he, kuva 1994?
Niba ari abasore n’inkumi bavuka ku Bacikacumu, byaba biteye agahinda. Kuba Leta itarabashije gukora ku buryo biga kwirwanaho, aho gutegereza ibyubuntu.

2. None se, Leta izakwubakira, hanyuma ize no GUSANA. Twumva uwabonye inzu yubuntu yagombye kuyikorera entretien.

C'est l'histoire du noir fainéant?

Akamasa 16/01/2016 11:12

@Murphy bareke sha babwejagure baricaye murugwiro batazi n, uko rwubatswe babwire uti ntawe utazapfa na Mugabe arigendeye

umututsi mwiza umumenya iyo aphuye 16/01/2016 10:59

@Authentic murphy

ukuri kuzatsinda mwana wa mama ariko ntugate igihe burya munyarukato niwe msksnji ni nawe caritas ntibigutangaze aribo biyise niri zina.
twarabsmenye turabazi.

jya ubibutsa ko twahemukiye abahutu ariko icyo mfa nawe nuko wemeza ko habaye genocide yabatutsi kandi aribyo bita politique des vainceur au vaincu. Ntago umukuru winteras numugore eumukuru wumugi wa kigali numugore wa chef intelligence na chef d'ETAT MAJOR bsri kuba abatutsi bskoreshwa na kagsme ngo genocide itegurwe inashyirwe mubikorwa iteguwe na kagame natwe twamufashije ngo niranjyira ibarizwe inandikwe kubahutu twe abatutsi twigaramiye!!

Niyompamvu mvuga nti abahutu umenya muri indagare cyane kuko ntibyumvikans ntibisobanutse na mba.

FDLR Mozambique 16/01/2016 09:35

Kuri Authentic Murphy

Niba uba washyushye umutwe se wagiye mu mwonga ukareka gutera abantu isesemi wa cyo ntazi we?
Guhurutura ibigambo ukuzuza aha wivuguruza se nibyo byerekana ko uri intyoza?
Ko utemeraga politique yariho se za animations wajyagamo gukoriki?
Niba uba washyushye umutwe zajye indera hari ibitaro by'abasazi ureke kutera ishozi hano.
Nabuze message yawe nimwe yaza itarimo ibitutsi rwose.
Ushobora kuba wiyita umunyabwenge ariko ntiwiyubaha kabisa

Authentic Murphy. Umutwe uba uremerewe 16/01/2016 09:20

Ndisegura cyane ku bantu badashimishwa n'amagambo menshi mpurutura hano kuri verutas.
Ntabwo nanjye menya uko bije kuko umutwe uba washyushye kubera commentaires zimwe na zimwe mba nasomye hirya no hino ku mbuga.
Ntabwo rwose nyobewe ko abahutu babaye, kandi arubo nyirabayazana rw'amahano yagwiriye urwanda.
Abahutu kuva muri 1957 ubwo ababirigi babicazaga ku ngoma batangiye kumena amaraso y'abatutsi, barasahura, baratwika ariko biyibagizako nabo bava amaraso atukura.
Twaririmbye révolution turabyina yurizihirwa ariko twiyibagiza ko urwanda rutaremewe abahutu gusa.
Umuntu wese uzi gusoma abona neza ko ijambo " révolution" ntaho rihuriye no kumena amaraso byaranze ingoma z'abahutu kuva bakwicazwa ku ntebe n'umubirigi.
Burya abanyabwenge bavugako ishobora gukora ikibi ukabihisha ariko ntushobora guhisha na rimwe ingaruka zacyo.
Umwami Rudahigwa wari watangiye politique ibanya abanyarwanda abahutu nka Kayibanda na Mbonyumutwa baramugambaniye ahabwa uburozi i bujumbura bigirwa ubwiru ariko icyakurikiye nuko amaraso ye yabakurikiranye kugeza ubwo bamwa bicwa ururenze urwo yapfuye. Aha navuga nka Kayibanda na équipé ye bicishijwe umunyu, abandi bashishwa amashoka n'ibindi.
Kinani wari umaze kubarimbagura yigira nyoni nyinshi amara ukwezi kose mu nduga atunda abajya kwicwa,miryango yabo ayifungira mu mazu.
Arangije abeshyabeshya amahanga yibwira ko abarangije. Za ngorwa z'abatutsi yahindiye hanze nazo uwashakaga kugaruka Rwasir ya Rizinde yamusamiraga hejuru, bakwisuganya ngo batahe ku ngufu ababirihi bakarwana umuhenerezo maze ikinani kiragama amashyaka ya politique yakuye yagejeje urwanda ku bwigenge kirayazimya kidufungira mu bwato bwa MRND twese. Ntibiteye kabiri ababirigi aba abateye carte rouge yimika abafaransa maze ababirigi bibuka aho bamukuye bati ujye tujye.
Ubwo kandi aho ikinani gitengamaye tukibyinira muri za animation gutekereza gucyura impunzi biragatabwa ahubwo ahubwo ati : " Ndi ikinani cyananiye abatutsi n'abanyenduga". Ubundi akajya ku maradio ngo " nibagume iyo bahungiye urwanda ni ruto".
Umugabo yibutse ibitereko yasheshe aho yatumirwaga i kampala kwambika Rwigema général. Ateguzwa ko azaterwa abigira ubwiru ngo abanyenduga batabyumva bakamenya ko yajegeye.
Abonye bimuyobeye yubaka interahamwe yiyemeza gutsemba umututsi uwariwe wese ari umusaza, umukecuru n'uruhinja yibebeshya ko ariko gutsinda intambara igihugu cyose gitemba amaraso naye adasigaye kandi abo yaciraga kugwa ishyanga bararutaha umuryango we uba ariwo ujugunywa ishyanga yaciraga abandi.
Abahutu rero ibyatubayeho witegereje neza isanga ari bimwe bavuga ngo " urucira mikaso rugatwara nyoko".
Ibi biba bikwiye kubera Kagame isomo, usibye ko nabonye we apfa kugerageza gufata abanyarwanda kimwe atabacamo ibice, agashyiraho na Ministère ishinzwe gucyura impunzi no kuzisubiza mu buzima busanzwe. Gusa ubutabera bwe yagize intwaro bushobora kuzamukururira akarambaraye.

Authentic Murphy. Imbwa Ntiyurira igiti 16/01/2016 05:32

Umugabo ni Umwami Rwabugiri
kuko we yirwaniye ingamba zose kugeza apfuye.
Ariko nawe yapfuye (yatanze) abonye ko na nyina wundi abyara umuhungu ubwo umwana wumutwa wumunyabungo yamutambitse umwambi maze ikibatsi kikicana mururega.
Yabanje yidoga avuga ngo "....umuhunde yaje arambiranye isuri ndamurasa arisenya ngirango akubiswe ninkuba inzira ndaziharira. ....." Nyamara nawe bakoreye same stuff!!!!!!
Yambukiye murugo rwe I Rubengera yashegeshwe aratanga ariko byibuze nubwo nawe yahemukiye abahutu ariko byibuze nta mukoloni wamurwaniye urugamba.
Kanjogera na muhungu we musinga bamye barwanirwa nabazungu haba mu ndorwa, Murera , Kinyaga nahandi.
Rudahigwa nawe abakoloni babanje kumushyigikira nyuma bamwicaza kuntebe irimo amashantarazi ntiyasobanukiwe.
Kayibanda abakolini baba bamuteje umuhungu we kinani ariko bati barabanje kumurwanirira bahashya inyenzi(ingangurarugo ziyemeje kuba ingenzi)
Habyara abakoloni baramukuza baramutaka bucyeye baramwirenza bakoresheje umuboyi wabo paul.
Paul baramurwaniye kuva byumba kugera Kinshaza barangije bamutereka murugwiro.
imihango yose ya gihanga Kinani yasize murugwiro Mujeri yayimariye mo kuburyo ubu atekereza nka Kinani usibye ko arusha kinani amakari namanyanga!!!!
Igisigaye kandi kiri hafi ni uko imbwa igomba kuva mubudholisholi ikagaruka hasi kandi ntiyakwikura yo kuko ntizi kurira!!!!!!!!!
Ngaho abatuka umuhutu go ahead ariko mumenye ko Rwanda nab a nyarwanda tutigeze tugira amahoro yuzuye kuva twabaho.
Abita abahutu abicanyi bakisiga muri hafi guhabwa icyubahiro cyibakwiye kuko umukoloni arashaka impinduka kuko imbwa irashaje kandi nticyubaha sebuja!!!!!!!
Imbwa ntiyurira igiti.Nuyibona mugiti hari uzaba yayishyize yo ni nawe uyivanayo kandi inka niyo izunguza umurizo si umurizo uzunguza inka"Mombutu Sese Seko wa Zabanga".

Authentic Murphy. Imbwa Ntiyurira igiti 16/01/2016 05:00

Imbwa ntizi kurira igiti , shebuja niwe uyishyira mubushorishori akanayivana yo.
Nta mutegetsi wo muri Africa wigenga hafi ya bose ni ababoyi ba Mpatsibihugu.
Uko ba mpatdibihugu batereka imbwa zabo mu giti ninako bazivana mo!!!!
Birambaza iyo mbona imbwa itinyuka ikaba ari yo yemeza igihe izamara mubusholisholi bwigiti kandi atari yo yijyanye yo!!!!
Bikageza aho izagera muri 2034 ikiri mugiti!!!!!
Intare ishaje irarisha boshye inka!!!!!!!
imbwa iyo ishaje shebuja arayica kugirango ayorohereze kubabara.
Birantangaza iyo IDI Amin avuga ko nta wamuhangara noneho bikarushako kundrya iyo inkomamashyi zitazi uko shebuja amerewe zirirwa zikose abahutu kandi zigiye gufatwa mpiri.
Abazungu bafite abashomeri benshi bize amategeko kandi bagomba kubabonera akazi byanze bikundze.
Niyo mpanvu arusha ya 2 igiye kuza kugirango abatutsi bishyize mubusholisholi bagakora ibyaha ngengakamere bitwaje ko babateretse mubusholisholi bagiye kuzahura nisanganya nkiryo abahutu bakoze ibyaha bahuye na ryo.
Makanji jean paul niba wari umusoda wa RPF ushatse wacisha make.
Niba kandi uri muri ba batutsi bagiye batunga intoki abandi bakabatema nimipanga ngo bari kwihorera , watch out.
Ntabwo ubwicanyi bwatangiye 1994 bwatangiye 1990 October, 1.
Hari abantu barimo bategura Video (live) zubwicanyi namwe mwakoze mwitwaje ko umuzungu yabashyize mubudholisholi nyamara yarabashukaga.
Muhumure nakataraza kazaza.
Naho kwigamba intsinzi ntaho bitaba ariko kwishyira aho yutari si byiza.
Kuva kuri Kanjogera kugeza ubu nta munyarwanda wirwaniye urugamba atarwaniwe n'abakoloni.
Umpakanya nambwire, cyane makanji.
Kanjogera yarwaniwe nabadage ndetse nababirigi.
Rudahigwa ashyigikirwa nabo mpaka ba.wirengeje.
Kayibanda ashyigikirwa nababirigi mpaka bamwirengeje via Habyara.
Habyara ashyigikirwa nababirigi abarutisha abafaransa bucyeye ababirigi abanyamerica ndetse nabafaransa baramwirenza bakoreshe Paul Kagame.
Nonese ntimubona ko na Paul kagame ari igitiyo aba bazungu bayoresha imyanda?
Usibye se abanyarwanda akangatisha Kalachi, hari umuzungu yakanga numwe?
Nawe azi ko yasezerewe.Utabizi ni Uwera, Makanji jean paul na Munyarukato.
Uko byagendekeye interas nabo nibyo bibategeje.
Nangwa ninteras zashoboye kwirukira mumashyamba. Mwe ntaho muzabona mwirukira muzapfa nkudushwiriri.
Muzica kandi mwicwe nitwenda gushira nimwe muzaka imishyikirano!!!!!!!!!
Gacaca nyayo niza byose bizajya muburyo kwikuza bizajyenda nka nyomberi.
Akanyaro lazashira

Authentic Murphy. I am who I am and write what I like!!!"Steve Biko" 16/01/2016 03:34

Ukuri kuzatsinda nkuko Umututsi mwiza abivuga.
Naho abantuka ngo ndi igisebe nibasome igitabo cyuyu muzungu cg se umuhinde maze nawe bamwite interas.
intore muravomera mu kimenetse mbisubiremo.
Icyo nabamenyesha ni uko Uwo murwanira yamaze guhabwa ibaruwa imusezerera hashize imyaka irenze ibiri!!!!!
Kugumya kugundira kwe niko kuzatuma asanga ikinani yishe kandi ntikizamubabarira!!!!!
Aba bazungu barimo bandika amabi yingoma yagacinuizo nibo babatakaga cyera none bamenye ko muri abicanyi ba Ruharwa.
Murita abahutu abajura nyamara mumbereye munzu mutubatse kandi soon nzayisubirana ntarwanye.
Umututsi twayubakanye tuyisangiye mwibwira ko yapfuye nyamara aracyariho igihe ni kigera muzayivamo nabi.
Bamwe mubisambo byabatutsi muri genocide bari bafite imyaka 10 gusa none ngo abahutu babasenyeye amazu biyubakiye!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abandi bari bafite imyaka 5 ndetse na ba se bafite isambu ya H ebyili gusa bibye ibyabandi bitwaje ko ngo abahutu babaririye inka 40!!!!!!!!
Harya inka 40 zirisha mubitari 2 gusa.
Ibyo byose ni ubukunguzi.
Kandi biri hafi gukemuka
Igisebe kibi si icyo kumubiri.
Igisebe kibi ni akanwa kabeshya ,
kagahimbira ibyaha inzirakarengane , kigatura munzu kitubatse.
Ndi uwo ndiwe kandi nandika ibyo nkunda
Uwo ntawe ningingira gunkunda

Intore ntimukibwire ko abantu bose bagomba kubaramya.
Kandi ibyanyu biri mu marembera.!!!

rukemanganizi 15/01/2016 22:31


Magufuli 15/01/2016 22:12

Urababaje muvandi ! Kimwe na shobuja igifaransa cyarabakamanye musigaye ku ntero yo kwita buri wese umaze kubarunguruka interahamwe. Sindi interahamwe sindi n'Umuhutu niba ari cyo ushaka kuvuga, gusa sindi bujye mu mpaka za cini cini n'umuntu udafite icyo kuvuga.

Twavugaga amajyambere mukunze kurata, kenshi tukabihorera mukirigita mugaseka ariko ukuri ni uko Kagame yatwiciye igihugu. Kubivuga si ugushyigikira Kinani wapanze genocide yatumazeho abacu, afashijwe na Kagame wadushoye yarangiza akigira nyoni nyinshi ari na ko akumira uwashatse wese kudutabara, none ubu akaba asobetse ubumwe na Rucagu, Ninja, Rwarakabije n'abandi ari na ko yica urusorongo abake muri twe barokotse. Ntanacyihishira asigaye abasogota n'abana babo bareba.

Turetse iby'ubwicanyi ariko, ku majyambere Kagame ntiyanafungura imishumi y'inkweto za Kinani mba ndoga Karegeya inyamibwa mu bahungu ! Kimwe mu byo Abahutu barega Kinani ngo ni uko yakundwakaje Abatutsi. Si byo ahubwo Kinani yashyigikiraga umuntu wese uzi gukora, ari byo byabaye ipfundo ry'amajyambere y'u Rwanda icyo gihe ubu Kagame yatobanze. Kinani ntiyakundaga ba Kajeguhakwa, Makuza, Rubangura, Sakumi, Sisi, Maharangali, Rwigara n'abandi benshi ahubwo yakundaga ibikorwa byabo kuko yari azi akamaro bifitiye igihugu. None Kagame abo adasogose arabangaza, iyo atabafunze ngo abasenyere abandi abambure utwabo. Ndabeshya se ntuzi inkuru za Rujugiro, Kalisa, Miko, Gahiga, Rwigara, Sisi, Kajeguhakwa n'abandi ? Ubwo ab'Abahutu bo ntawarondora kuko bo yabanje no kubambika igishura cya genocide nyamara siko bose bari barakarabye inkaba.

Nta muntu ukunda iterambere ngo narangiza yice cyangwa yangaze abanyamafaranga kuko nibo bakora imishinga itanga akazi, yinjiza imisoro, yubaka na bya bikorwa remezo. Uzabaze no mu bazungu iyo bakurabutsweho ifaranga baragutongoza ngo urizane, ariko iyo urihagejeje ntibarigutsinda hejuru ahubwo baguha rugari ngo urikoreshe byaba ngombwa bakanagutera inkunga. Nibyo ujya wumva ngo Abamiliyarideri b'Abarusiya cyangwa abapeteroliye b'Abarabu bibera mu Bwongereza cyangwa mu Busuwisi. Burya si udusura twiza twabo baba babakurikiranyeho, ahubwo barabareshya ngo bazane iyo mari bityo na mwene ngofero wa London, Lausane ... abone akaraka. Ndatangara iyo mushyashyana ngo murashaka kuzana abashoramari, mukabakuburira imihanda mwibwira ko ari injiji. Ngo ijya kurisha ihera ku rugo, mwakagombye kuba mwarahereye ku bari mu gihugu bagashora iyo mari yabo mu Rwanda, bakanabafasha gukurura abandi baherwe bagenzi babo b'abanyamahanga, dore ko ari na bo babazi. Ariko se nawe mbwira ari nka we ushaka kureshya abanyemari ufite Eugene Gasana na Rujugiro imbere yawe watuma nde ? Aho ntubona ko Kagame ari umuswa butwi koko ?! Reka ndekere ntanavaho ndondogora, nizere ko ntamaze ibinonko ngucira amarenga.

bantou clan 15/01/2016 21:59

ikivugisha abantu ni inda nini. MDR ,MRND , MALND ,LUNAR ,PSD, PL, .................. byagiye he?
mujye muvuga ibyo rutuku yabigishije, muceceke, kuko mutabivuze namwe ntimwabaho .

bantou clan 15/01/2016 21:58

ikivugisha abantu ni inda nini. MDR ,MRND , MALND ,LUNAR ,PSD, PL, .................. byagiye
mujye muvuga ibyo rutuku yabigishije muceceke kuko mutabivuze namwe ntimwabaho ;

Higaniro 15/01/2016 21:46


Iyo numvise umuntu uvuga ko interahamwe arizo zishe abatutsi numva ateye isesemi.
Abatutsi bishwe n'abahutu foor stop.
Abivugisha ngo interahamwe, hari interahamwe se zabaga ikigali wa ngegera we??

kirara kiroroge 16/01/2016 17:03

Higaniro ni umuswa FOOR STOP !!!!!

Amabilisi 15/01/2016 22:27

Rwose aho turemeranya ko bamazwe n'abahutu nka Kajuga Robert na bene wabo!

hututsiissue 15/01/2016 21:27

Ariko haribyo kagame yubatse namwe mwikabya
Dore ibyo yubatse: yubatse tigo, yubaka MTN, yubaka airtel, yahinduye igihugu cyose gereza, ahindura igihugu cyose amatongo hamwe nintambara ye yazanye, yazanye amarangi yo gusiga kumazu naza stade, yazanye umuco wo kwigarurira ibya rubanda no kutavugisha ukuri gutekinika no kubeshya no kuba inyaryenge, yazanye parliament yuzuye abantu batazi icyo bakora, naba senateur batagira ibigwi batazwi, buriya ubajije rubanda ntawubazi kera twamenyaga abagize abo bantu no mwishuri tukabyiga, ariko ubu ubaza umwana senateur akakubwira ngo ni byeri cg jeypaul umukuru winteko ninde ngo ni pifra.hahahah nibindi nibindi



Mbarara 15/01/2016 19:25

Bano baboyi ba Kagome barababaje .
Abo mwishe kuva muri 90 mwarabaremye mwa mihimbiri mwe ? Abo muvuga bishe barimo interas Kagome yahembye kugirango abone ibitambo bimuhesha kwicara mu Rugwiro ko mwabamaze se uwo munnya mufite nuwiki ?
Ejo bundi nibabatoragura ku bwicanyi bwanyu uzasanga mwashiriye mu myobo nk imbeba . pu.
K.Karake bamushyiramo amapingu si abazungu yishe yaziraga . Uwishe wese bazamuhonye . Tour yanyu iregereje none mwasaze ; mbese ayo mwasahuye mu mifuka yimirambo mwishe mubyo mwita intsinzi yabashiranye ?

gatera 16/01/2016 03:36

Bernard Maingain yabeshyuje inkuru ye ubwe yali yitagiye kuli France3,noneho ubwo yivugiye ko ibyobo atali ibyabarundi ndetseko naho byabereye batavuga ikirundi,ONU nibanze itabare akokarere?ubwo maingain yamenye igihungu iyomyobo ibalizwamo.ikindi abarundi bakomeze gahunda yokurega nkuko babyiyemeje,igihe nicyo ukuli kubibeshyo byagashakabuhake bijye babagire nkurwanda basaba Habyara ngo navuge ko yatewe nabavandimwe.ntimuzangwe mumutego wumwanzi.aliko ubundi ONU abanyarwanda bapfuye irebera aliyo yavanye igisasu kumulindi cyahanuye indege.ONU ishaka iki kubarundi yabanje igakemura ikibazo cyabatera iburundi naho baturuka.ubundi ONU yangobye kujya guhagarara kumupaka uhuza urwanda nuburundi.ubwo niho ONU yaba yihaye agaciro.igahangarara kubutaka bwuwendereza umuturanyi.ese uwagize Police ONU ilinda isi cg akarere kibiyaga bigali ninde.ubworero nibaragiza kwica Nkurunziza bamugize nka Ntaryamina Habyalimana,Muzehe Kabila,Bikuze Magufuli.Abatanzaniya nibataba maso barangowe nibo i Dosie izafugirwarwaho.

umututsi mwiza umumenya iyo aphuye 15/01/2016 19:07

Ukuri kuzatsinda kandi vuba. Njye abaturanyi babahutu vaduhishe naranjyiza nkavagirira nabi natanjyiye kubasaba imbabazi umwe umwe kuko nasanze aho twabiciye ntibashira kandi ntiduteze kubamaraho.

erega abahutu nabana beza sinkatwe twirirwa turogsna duhotora tubeshyera ababyeyi dukomba innyo zabazungu.

dukundane urwands nurwatwese ariko twubahe rubanda nysmeinshi.

@kuri nkurunziza

aho gukora amakosa nkaya kinani kubons yaranze kwics abatutsi agahemukira abahutu kugeza azanye impyisi muri kigali zikamurya arimubisi ntanuwamutabara .... higama ureke Gen Adolph na Ndadaye bazuke bskwereke ububi bwa kagame kuko mbona ufunze amaso.

karegeya yaravuze ati iyo menya sinari kwivira ugsnda kwa ksnywamaraso museveni.

@Ntamuhututarishe 15/01/2016 17:59

Ubonye ku byerekeye amajyambere bagutsinze uzana iby'ubwicanyi bw' abahutu. Iyo uvuga ngo ntamuhutu utarishe uba ushaka kuvuga iki ? Nyamara hari abahutu bagiye bahisha abatutsi muri 94, Ndetse bamwe batakaza ubuzima, ariko ibyo ntacyo wigera ubivugaho.Ubwo muba mugirango abahutu bose aho bari bumve bari culpabilisee n' ubwicanyi kandi nyamara bose ntabwo uwo mutima bawufite. Mbere yo gukura agati mu ijisho rya mugenzi wawe ujye ubanza ukure umugogo uri mu jisho ryawe. Kubyerekeye ubutabera isi irabogama ariko Imana ntibogama very soon Justice will be served !

@Magufuli 15/01/2016 17:54


"Imijyi yo mu Rwanda na Kigali irimo ubu ni yo yonyine ku isi abantu bannya mu myobo nk'ipusi hanyuma ngo twateye imikindo? Nimwitegereze ubushomeri nyuma ukumva ngo twubatse za kaminuza !

Umuganda usigaye ari uwo gukubura aho abazungu banyura.

Turacyivuriza muri Fayisali na CHK…

Ni iki twohereza mu mahanga? Turi igihugu cy’abakonsomateri badashaka kwibaza aho amafaranga dukonsoma ava".

Nkuko wabyanditse, twumva ko iyo hataba iriya coltan ya Kongo yadutabaye nyuma ya 1994, ubu abarenga 50% by’AbanyaRWD baba barwaye amavunja.

Mvuze Kongo, kuko byose Umunyaburayi aba yabibaze. Ntiyari kwemera guha intwaro HE ngo afate KGL, atazi neza ko azishyura ideni ry’intwaro.

Ikindi ntihashobora kuba iterambere, utabanjirije kuri sécurité alimentaire.

Intore ngirango mwumvise.

Sibyo Munyarukato ?

Ntamuhututarishe 15/01/2016 17:28

@ Maguguli

Hanyuma se ko mwari muteye imbere ntacyo mubuze, umutima w'ubugome no kunywa amaraso y'abatutsi muwukomora kuki??
Niki cyatumye mutera ibyo bitaro urata mugashinguzamo impinja seroum mugafomoza ababyeyi muta mu misarane, urwanda mukaruhindura ibagiro?
Niki cyatumye mwambara amakoma mugashinga ama barrières hirya no hino mu mihanda mugatema abantu nk'abatema imitumba, abari n'abategerugori bangana ba nyoko mukabajomba ibisongo?
Niki cyatumye mubagira abasirikali b'ababirigi camp Kigali aribo babicajeje ku ngoma mukaba ubu musaba uwo mwimye nyuma yo kumeneshwa mu rwanda mwari mwujuje imirambo ku mihanda, ubu ikaba itatse indabo n'amatara mwebwe muborera mu mashyamba kubera umugoma wo kumena amaraso wababyariye umuvumo w'iteka?

Unsubize kurutwo tubazo hanyuma dukomeze ikiganiro.

Ngango 15/01/2016 17:21

Ngaho re. Kagome nafatwa ; biriya bidege tuzabigurisha dufashe abaturage bacu bari kwicwa ninzara maze tubahoze amalira !

Mburamatare 15/01/2016 17:16

Miliyoni 12 zabantu Kagame yishe nabafatanyabwicanyi be ; ibyazo bigiye gusubirwamo vuba . Bene kubimenya bazabanyuriremo gacye . Abambari ba Kagame yanize nabo yaroze barihuse banikinga rwinshi .

Magufuli 15/01/2016 16:29

Ikibazo erega ni uko muvuga iterambere mu magambo gusa ariko ntimwerekane aho riri. None se iyo muvuga infrastructure, hari iyindi atari amataje 3 cyangwa ane i Kigali? Ayo mataje kandi nayo ni aya Kagame cyangwa Caisse Sociale yategetse guhurutura ibizu bingana umusozi bila mpango, bitagira ababikodesha kuko bikosha kandi ubucuruzi bukaba bucumbagira.
Irindi terambere muvuga ni umuhanda uva ku kibuga cy’indege cya Kanombe ariko uwo wubatswe na Kinani, icyo Kagame yakoze ni ukuwuteraho indabyo kuko ari wo abazungu bacamo. Indi mihanda minini yose uko uyizi: Kigali-Gatuna; Kigali-Kayonza-Kagitumba; Kigali-Kibungo-Rusumo; Kigali-Butare-Akanyaru; Kigali-Ruhengeri-Gisenyi; Butare-Cyangugu … yose yubatswe ndeba muri za 70 zishira na za 80. Cyakora Kagame yakoze Kigali-Bugesera ubundi anarangiza Gitarama-Kibuye wari ugeze hagati. Ikindi Kagame akora ni ugusana aho abazungu banyura gusa.
Ibibuga by’indege hari na kimwe yubatse mu myaka 22 amaze? Iriya Kanombe bayivuguruye ndeba muri 1982 mbere y’isabukuru y’imyaka 20 y’ubwigenge ari na bwo bari bujuje ibiro bya BNR. Za ministeri ku Kacyiru no mu mugi n’ubwo azigerereye azisenya izindi azigurisha akimirira, hafi ya zose zubatswe na Kinani. Turacyivuriza muri Fayisali na CHK, hamwe n’ibitaro bindi byo mu perefegitura, niba hari ibyo Kagame yubatse ntibirenze 2 kandi bitoya. Amashuri na n’ubu ni ya yandi, ayitwa iniversite ni imitwe yatetse ngo anyunyuzemo abana b’u Rwanda udufaranga ariko ntiyagira icyo abategurira mu rwego rw’akazi.
Amashanyarazi n’mazi byo ni agahomamunwa, nta n’uwakwirirwa abitindaho.
Ubu tugiye muri CHAN izakinirwa iku masitade yose yubatswe na Kinani. Uretse Huye yavuguruwe nayo ikaba yuzuye itwaye akayabo kakagombye kuba kujuje ingana na Wembley wambwira indi Kagame yubatse ?
Inganda uretse Inyange y’amata ya Kagame ubundi n’izigihanyanyaza ni izo ku bwa Kinani. Ndibuka za Sobolirwa; Sakirwa; Sirwa; Utexrwa; Sodeparal; Volta Super; Sulfo; Ovibar; Tabarwanda; Bralirwa; Ameki Color; Tolirwa; Sorwatom; Sorwal; Sieva; Rwanda Foam; Mironko Plastic; Socobico, Cimerwa, Opyrwa, Rwantexco; urwakoraga amagare rwa Sakumi Anselme; inganda z’icyayi n’izindi nyinshi … izo zose ntazo Kagame yazanye. Ngaho mbwira nawe izo Kagame yubatse duhige.
Nk’uko umuvandimwe hasi aha yabivuze, Nyabarongo iradukamanye turebera kubera ko gahunda y’imirwanyasuri Kinani yashyiraga mu bikorwa akoresheje umuganda ubu yagiye nka nyomberi, umuganda usigaye ari uwo gukubura aho abazungu banyura. Amashyamba yari yaratewe Kagame yarayatemye ararangiza none igihugu cyambaye ubusa, umpakanya aterere akajisho ku misozi ikikije Kigali.
Imishinga y’amajyambere mu giturage yatangaga akazi sinzi niba ubu hasigaye ingahe.
Ibyo kandi byose Kinani yabikoraga adafite imfashanyo zingana n’izo Kagame yabonye kuva muri 94. Nagende Kinani iyo ataza kutwica iriya nyana y’imbwa ubundi yari yarategetse neza !!!

Kadogo 15/01/2016 13:56

Wakabimenye ko abavuze nta ninkota bazamuye bari muri pirizo.
Wowe na Kagome ; mwa mashyano mwe yabicanyi ! Ibi binyamateka uhurutura aha uboroga nkuwo bacometse ku mashanyarazi bagakanda kuri "on"; ntabwo aribyo bizabasibaho roho miliyoni 12 mwishe wa mburagasani we. Ongera usome : " Rwandan untold story " wa cyontazi we ! Bariya bantu mwariye numuteramwaku wanyu Kagome mubarushiki wa musega we. Uhemberwa kuboroga ku masite yabandi warangiza ukarara uboroga na koshomari mu bulili bwawe ; ahasigaye utegereje kwinjira igihome wishyura inka ya nyangara .Cg Kagome azakuroga nkuko yica abo akoresheje bose!

Ntamuhututarishe 15/01/2016 13:29

Oya rwose banyarwanda tujye tureka umutima mubi. Ibyo byose muvuga bishingiye ku mashyari yaturenze ari nayo yatumye twirara mu muryango y'abatutsi tukarimbagura.
Hanyuma se ko mbere yuko FPR utabara urwanda twoherezaga iki hanze tutohereza ubu? Mu ruhengeri se ko bari bazwiho kurya ibitumbura no kugendesha ibirenge niko bikimeze?
Ubuse haracyariho Gikongoro y'inzara na Gisenyi icana amashanyarazi mu ntoki?
Urwanda twari twaragize irimbi se isazi ziruma kubera amaraso y'inzirakarengane abahutu twamenaga nirwo rwari rwiza!!
Oya tujye twemera dushime umugabo arabikwiye kuko abahutu twahabaye imbwa cyane.
Ndabumva kubera kuba mu mashyamba ntimuzi uko urwanda rusa ubu ariko abadatinya ubutabera bararushima baba abanyarwanda cg abanyamahanga.
Ubu abayobozi barwo ntibakangurira abaturage kwica kandi nta musirikare ufomoza ababyeyi nka Colonel SIMBA urwanda rukigira.

Magufuli 15/01/2016 12:34

Ikibazo cyacu Abanyarwanda ni wa mugani w'imfura ishinjagira ishira. Kagame ntawandushije kumufana igihe cyose nari ntaramumenya. Aho murungukiye rero nasanze ari we mubeshyi wa mbere kuri iyi si ya Rurema, umuntu wikunda kurusha abazima n’abapfuye. Birantangaza iyo avuga iterambere, maze natwe tukikiriza kandi benshi muri twe baba baburaye, abana babuze ay'ishuri, tuvoma ibirohwa ... Ariko se iyo mwibaza mwumva iterambere ryava he? Inganda twubatse se, amashanyarazi twateje imbere se, amazi twasukuye se, ubuhinzi bwateye imbere se ... !? Mperutse kumva bamubaza ngo avuge ikintu gicuruzwa mu mahanga cyanditseho "Made in Rwanda" numva arihanukiriye ngo COMPUTERS. Narumiwe bigeze ho ariko nanjye ndibaza nti harya wa mugani koko ni iki twohereza mu mahanga? Nyuma nibuka ko dukora AKABANGA. Koko abavuga iterambere babikura he ? Ducuruza iki ngo tubone agafaranga? Turi igihugu cy’abakonsomateri badashaka kwibaza aho amafaranga dukonsoma ava. Ese ko nta wumenya iby'ejo umuzungu agize atya agahagarika imfashanyo twakwirwa he? Aho na ya miturirwa ntitwayita tugatana ku wa kajwiga? Muti twakubuye imihanda twubaka n'amazu maremare. Yeee baba weee ... koko turatema Gishwati tukamaraho, inkangu zigiye kutumara naho za Nyabarongo zimaze gukama kubera kwangiza ibidukikije hanyuma ngo twaciye amashashi ?! Imijyi yo mu Rwanda na Kigali irimo ubu ni yo yonyine ku isi abantu bannya mu myobo nk'ipusi hanyuma ngo twateye imikindo? Nimwitegereze ubushomeri nyuma ukumva ngo twubatse za kaminuza ! Zimaze iki se niba iyo leta nta kintu na kimwe itegurira abazirangije ? Nako ngo nitwihangire imirimo. Mbega agashinyaguro ! Ahandi abanyemari nibo bahanga imirimo bagaha abaturage akazi, ntabwo uko turi miliyoni 12 buri wese yahanga uwe murimo ngo bishoboke. None Kagame ko ari we munyemari wa mbere muri iki gihugu, imfashanyo zose n'ibisahurano bya Zaire akaba yarujuje umufuka we, kuki adahanga imirimo idukwiriye twese ?! Kubaka amazu maremare y'umurato no kugura amadege agendamo hamwe n'abaherwe b'abazungu sibyo bizadutungira abana. Kera twaranasuhukaga tukajya guhaha imahanga none isi yose iratwinuba kubera urugomo rwa Kagame. Tanzaniya yaratwirukanye, Congo duhigishwa uruhindu, Burundi sinavuga … Aho abanyamahanga batatwikomye, intore za Kagame ziba ziryamiye amajanja n’imigozi, utuzi … None ngo iterambere ! Muri ibyo byose ariko, igikuru cyatumye nzinukwa Kagame ni ukuntu yadushumurije imbwa zikaturya akanakumira abashakaga kudutabara, yarangiza akanika amagufa y’abacu ku karubanda ari nako ayariraho afatanije na ba Rucagu, Rwarakabije n’abandi bamufashije kujenosida abacu. Ipuuuu … Kagame we, ndakuvumye kandi aho uzagendera ntuzibagirwe kujyana n’iryo ngirwa terambere ryawe.

haaa... 15/01/2016 11:23

kagame ni rusisibiranya ...umutekamutwe number one...nigute yakwiyitirira ibikorwa byose byo ku bwa habyara ...?

haaa... 15/01/2016 11:22

kagame ni rusisibiranya ...umutekamutwe number one...nigute yakwiyitirira ibikorwa byose byo ku bwa habyara ...?

Mbonyingabo 15/01/2016 10:56

Gewe abantu baransetsa iyo bavuga ngo Kagame yatabaye U Rwanda muri 94, nonese kuva muri mukwa 10/1990 atera U Rwnda ntiyari mugihugu? Nigihe yabaga adahari ingaboze nabarwanashaka be baribahari. Intambara yabaye kuva muri mirongo 90 igasenya igihu nawe yararimu, namaraso mensi yabanyarwanda bapfuye yarayayoboye. Ababihakana bongere bumve "Untold Story" BBC yongeye iyishira kurubuga rwayo. Ukuri twemera nuka Kagame yashenye U Rwanda kuva 1990 kugeza 1994, ahoyatangiye gusana ibyoyashenye kubwimfashanyo, yakuye muduhanga twabatutsi nabahutu yashyize muri etageri.
Uyu munyamakuru ntatubeshe ntakiza kagame yazanye ahubwo yarishe hanyuma akubura imihanda yariyarujujemo amaraso, atera nindabo zoguhisha ayo marorerwa.